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  1. Looking to purchase early seat rails (for a 69) shipping to 94588. thanks
  2. Ehhh never mind. Heat and lube does wonders...... So ashamed.
  3. Wouldn't it be ideal to get what you have sorted, if its running ok, upgrade or bring back to full reliability what needs to be, realize what more you need to learn (then learn it), realize how inadequate your toolbox is and then realize how much you need to spend on tools. Then go for it. I bought a basket case 54 Ford f100 as a teenager. Dad said it's a lot of work and I thought I could fix it. I had plans of grandeur. Sexy pearl color shifting paint job (it was that long ago), big block, mustang 2 front suspension, 9" rear, tuck and roll interior (so long ago), tilt front end, fuel cell tucked under the bed boards, dual carb tunnel ram, predator carbs (so so long ago) etc etc. I rebuilt the kingpin suspension, threw in a junkyard nine inch one legger, vinyl interior, rebuilt the 289 5 bolt bell that was already there (already had a transplant from the y-block 292), learned how to weld new cab corners in, sand, prime, paint, scored a rebuilt c4 at the junkyard and upgraded to power brakes. Point is I learned more just wrenching on what I have like, OMG, non power drum brakes completely suck on an automatic and my leg throbs at long stop lights. I sorted what I had and was pretty proud of it. Athough my high school friends loved to do th sanford and sons tune when I drove in. That was an f1 not an f100 by the way. spent lots of money on tools, realized what a budget was and learned how to measure a project based on number of expletives required to complete. But there is the go with what makes you feel saucy, just sort what you have now and decide if you still want to take on a swap challenge seing as you stated you aren't a total mechanical genius but who is. Then there is the I'm a hypocrit because if I lay eyes on a mk one Tina I will be going for a lotus motor, then see if there is a bda somewhere since that will fall through, then maybe think 2.3 turbo is what I am left with before I purchase and install the bda's bastard cousin for giggles (4age) My reply is most likely useless...but there you have it.
  4. So I took out my left rear spring. The rubber bump stop(?) down the center of the spring and attached to the upper perch popped off. There is a dinky ass hole on the top of the rubber bump stop and a big shroom headed stud (like a carriage bolt) it has to go back on. Does not appear the stud comes off. Lube and force won't get this sucker back on it. I've seen pregnancies easier than this. Is it just old and too hard? Heat it up with a heat gun, lube everything up and pray? Most likely I am missing the obvious? I am installing Ireland stage 1 springs so guessing it needs it but no idea how far suspension travel is otherwise I am ok with "You can chuck it" Thanks, Robert 69 Chamonix 02[/img][/url]
  5. Ok maybe they come up,more often than I thought. ES... http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/3576632675.html
  6. NM/NA. Saw this and I know there are quite a few people like myself who love these. you don't see them come up often. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/3570521747.html
  7. Out of curiousity has anyone tried these and have a picture on their car yet? Like the RB but less banana and more minilite/rewind/watanabe. http://www.rotawheels.com/wheel.php?id=89 Smallest is 15x8 no 15x7, +0 or +5 ET (so flares) and hub only comes 67.1 (need centric) Thanks, Robert
  8. These items are free of charge: Constant air flow Huh? Wonder what that meant exactly.
  9. I feel dumb asking this but any good sources for brake bleeder screws? I need the rear screw (drums). When I went to bleed my rears I found that the right rear bleeder is stripped and bent. Tried all the auto parts stores and they are special order. When I checked their sites I am seeing 28 dollars a screw. Seems ridiculous. Not to mention they list the same bleeder for front and rear. The rear bleeders appear thinner and longer by 4mm or so. Checked IE, autohaus and bavauto. Appreciate any help. I would probably be better off buying cylinders that have the bleeder for 28 but I will be swapping to rear disk in the next month. Thanks, Robert 69 Cham 20002
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-RECARO-OEM-Seat-rails-rail-RH-LH-set-BMW-e36-m3-right-left-/360473935147?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item53edebbd2b&vxp=mtr Not as bad as German JDM straight outta Malaysia Yo!
  11. Crud, I unfortunately can't make it out and will be out of town to Tahoe this weekend then traveling for a client. Can we ship? Let me know how much for shipping to 94588. Sorry was hoping to spare you the hassle of shipping. Can reply to my email.
  12. I 'll take it. What are the chances you work near Pleasanton?
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