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  1. Early bumpers in fair shape, fenders, quarters, rockers. Some rust, good for repairs. Really not sure how to price--- Also have 2 4 speeds and a front cross member. bumpers $250 fenders $150 for both quarters $300 both rockers $150 both also have 4 speeds $75 each and front cross member $150 prices are negotiable would love to sell all in one shot- prefer local pick up thanks tim
  2. just came upon this, very cool BMW 2002 Race Car Surprise Reunion 40 Years Later by Drivin' Ivan
  3. 75duce. thanks! any pics? appreciate the input
  4. Gorgeous!!! do you have a side view pic?
  5. MKINNA. That looks good, thanks for your reply, solves a couple of problems- mounting, turn signal and fit. I will have to give this approach some more thought. t
  6. Thanks for the interest and replies- Toby, I plan to do just what you suggest on rear arches as far as welding them up. Going to pull the gas tank tonight : ) Have been thinking of under coat of some sort, seems it would be best on the metal under cheek AND on the fiberglass panel weight be damned, thanks. I may try to extend wheel well out to meet the fiberglass and seal off the empty space. Drivers side fender is flush on the front top to bottom and lower rear, the body line is right so yeah going to learn and have fun with fiberglass to get the door gap alignment, it will help me on the rear quarters so lots to do with that. Rears will be bonded on, researching products. Anyone have an applicator gun for rent, borrow or sale? tzei- good question, wondering that one myself-- I will let you know when I figure it out. car is a 72 colorado, rough enough to play with but actually more solid in most places then most I have seen (northeast) so the pig cheeks are just to much of a temptation not to do it! here is a recap of best source I have been able to find, some great pics further into the thread
  7. Put the drivers side in place and close to done tonight, fit is good all around except where on the right side the gap to the door is really good it looks like on the left I may need to add some material to close the gap. Maybe 3/16 to a 1/4, it goes further out towards the top. Started holding the right rear in place, seems like it will be much easier once I get the sheet metal prepped. Car came with turbo flares and rear wheel wells had been cut, made going for these flares a no brainer. Phone died before I could get more pics. All discussions I can find are pretty old on here but some good pics and info, more advice and tips are welcome : )
  8. Started with the right front fender today. IE fiberglass. They fit really well after a bunch of fitting and removing some extra fiber glass. I have it in place with some self tapping screws, I have to figure out if I can use the original mounting points or come up with something diferent. If anyone has experience would love to here what you did.
  9. do you have rear quarters to go with them?
  10. looking for a set of fiberglass pig cheeks- pls pm
  11. https://jalopnik.com/spying-on-employees-screwing-buyers-what-went-wrong-a-1827474482
  12. https://jalopnik.com/spying-on-employees-screwing-buyers-what-went-wrong-a-1827474482 +2 on Bluntech, FCP and of course Ireland Engineering
  13. Professionally built. TII block, E12 Head, piano top pistons, Schrick 292 complete ready to drop in. Not included in that price are port matched intake and dual Weber DCOE 40's, 123 Distributor, Stahl Header more... rebuilt suspension, 75 shell, 72 Colorado solid Will make a deal with interested buyers. two 03. 2five3 2249
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