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  1. Did you butt your patches or lap joint them? will you grind down the welds? thanks Tim
  2. key is cool but I was hoping for a S on the diff, limited slip nice work!
  3. 72ITB


  4. thanks for this post!!!
  5. Really nice work, thanks for the pics and details, about to start on the same work so this is very helpful. best, tim
  6. Really nice work!!! Your shop is not too shabby either
  7. Are you sure those are not 14's? I will part with two, mine are 14's from an E30 pm if interested
  8. When I cleaned my sub frame it looked brand new, no VISIBLE crack in motor mount. I thought I had gotten off easy but the words of the FAQ haunted me- "when it cracks not if it cracks", so I decided to reinforce it. When I ground the paint off to weld it up sure enough the was a little 5/8" hairline crack. Glad I took the time to do it now
  9. I removed the black insert and used a razor blade to add more taper to the edge of the blue plastic and then tapped them in with a plastic mallet. It did not look like they would fit but this worked.
  10. I always wondered if the hood bar contributed to bracing the strut towers? albeit it's not directly attached but did BMW use that fat bar just for the hood? spanning the width of the car?
  11. I was hoping to get to the end of the story and find it was April 1st or fiction, damn! sad. I don't condone it, but I understand.
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