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  1. stamford Connecticut- 06902
  2. do you have rear quarters to go with them?
  3. looking for a set of fiberglass pig cheeks- pls pm
  4. 72ITB

    Fresh Motor

    bump deal fell through
  5. https://jalopnik.com/spying-on-employees-screwing-buyers-what-went-wrong-a-1827474482
  6. https://jalopnik.com/spying-on-employees-screwing-buyers-what-went-wrong-a-1827474482 +2 on Bluntech, FCP and of course Ireland Engineering
  7. 72ITB

    Fresh Motor

    Professionally built. TII block, E12 Head, piano top pistons, Schrick 292 complete ready to drop in. Not included in that price are port matched intake and dual Weber DCOE 40's, 123 Distributor, Stahl Header more... rebuilt suspension, 75 shell, 72 Colorado solid Will make a deal with interested buyers. two 03. 2five3 2249
  8. There is a story in one of the books on the dead about Steve Parish backing into one of Weirs BMWs
  9. Eric Kerman came out of retirement and did an engine for me two years ago, current status unknown. I am sure happy to have his engine.
  10. BMW Manifolds for 45 DCOE carbs.
  11. work smarter not harder, one day I may take that advice
  12. Did you butt your patches or lap joint them? will you grind down the welds? thanks Tim
  13. Looked like a great deal on the classifieds yesterday, I thought I had a deal with the seller but when I got there he texted me everything was gone to another buyer. Oh well, no hard feelings. If someone here made the snag please PM me as I am looking for a number of parts. thanks Tim

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