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  1. Andrew, do you still have license plate covers?

  2. Thank you for the compliment. The original color was Pastellblau, paint code 044. The current color is a modern BMW blue.
  3. Here is a pic of my rockers. I did an engine swap through BMW. Had my BMW dealer order a stock crated long block from factory and they installed. This is when they adjusted the valves during break in. So I would say that is what stock looks like.
  4. I have an automatic as well. Fun car to drive. As for the bumper I once wanted to convert bumpers as well, they do look nice. I thought like 2002iii suggested. Need some kind of bumper for parking lots etc. what I did is shorten the front bumper and left the rear alone. The front looks better short yet still a period correct bumper and a little more protection than chrome ones would be. But the best part is rear bumper is a great place to sit, you always have nice bench seat with you.
  5. I tried the old webpage and all i get is a page with Chinese letters, lol. Well i have updated my signature block with the FAQ Registry and uploaded some pictures. Have a nice weekend everyone.
  6. The 2002 registry is gone? When did that happen? It been part of my signature block encouraging people to register since I joined here. What a shame to lose all that information.
  7. They had great products for our BMW's. Glad I bought a bunch of stuff from them for Christmas. Won't need oil filters for a long time.
  8. I found this, maybe it can help. Merry Christmas, Ozzy
  9. I just now finish reading your entire post. Wow, great job! Incredible. You and your brother have great skills. Love the pictures. Cheers, Ozzy
  10. I posted this in 2016. For future searches the LED strip I used for 3rd brake light is from Advance Auto called Alpena Flex MAX LED strip 24 inches. It a reputable brand and the quality is good. I say that because my experience with the inexpensive Chinese LED strips is that they just fall apart within months of light use. What I did for the 3rd brake light LED strip was to remove the 3M adhesive from the back of it. I cleaned the front of the strip with alcohol and cut 3M strips to fit between the LED in order to attach to the rear window.window. I tucked the wire into the rear window gasket and ran down into the trunk. Works great. 
  11. omarcenaro


    The BMW 2002 US VIN 2380612 was manufactured on September 20th, 1974 and delivered on May 07th, 1975 to BMW of North America. The original colour was Pastellblau, paint code 044. Curt Ingram (RIP) radiator Out with the Old AC and in with a custom AC New BIG AC condenser. Sound Proofing
  12. Finally got some winter weather. It’s perpetually summer in Houston. Snapped this picture this morning of my 16 year old sons car and mine warming up. Happy Thanksgiving to y’all. Ozzy
  13. I had my guy cut the nose in order to get the biggest condenser size installed.Need every inch for Houston temps.
  14. I have a slow leak coming from the valve stem base. Where can I get valve stem and gasket. I took it to NTB but they could not help. Thanks from a soggy Houston, Texas. Ozzy
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