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  1. A 5/32 x 1 inch cotter pin fits but no way to reach ends to bend. Cannot reverse pin because the head will not pass the accelerator cable.
  2. So last weekend I drove my 02 from Houston Texas to Shreveport Louisiana on Friday and back to Houston on Sunday for my Army Reserve Drill. It was about a 5 hour drive each way. Car ran great and it was a fun and uneventful drive. Drove it around Shreveport no problem. When I came back Sunday I drove straight and parked in my garage, but when I tried to put it in park the shifter moved all loosey and the car was still in drive. So I just turn it off. Long story short the pin #3 and clamp #1 that holds the shifter rod had fallen off. Luckily I did not have to stop on the trip and this happened at home in the garage because it rained very hard here last week. Now let's see if I can get a replacement or fashion something. Sent Blunt a message for the parts. Maybe a cotter pin course I can bearly fit a hand up in there. I have the car on jack stands now so will mess with it for Memorial Day, the wife will love that, lol. Happy Memorial Day!
  3. I had a center console made several years ago, on it I had some switches installed, the switches light up when on but that's it. I added some LED strips to the floorboards and wired it to one of the switches. I only hung the LEDs temporary underneath to test out. Yeah I can see in the car at night.
  4. Maybe. I will check to make sure that I don't have Army reserve drill.
  5. As I mentioned above the reflectiveness of the assembly will be a factor with the rear facing LED. Here is what I did. A few years ago I a wanted to increase the reflectivness of the rear light assemblies. I did not use chrome paint or Mylar. I really wanted 100% reflectivity so I chose instead to buy a "Cut and Stick Replacement Mirror" and cut it to fit in each compartment.
  6. I painted my black. When you look through the grill and see all the different car parts and body paint it just seems like its unfinished or like the grill is missing something.
  7. I painted my black. When you look through the grill and see all the different parts and the body paint it just seems like its unfinished or like the grill is missing something.
  8. For future searches the LED strip I used for 3rd brake light is from Advance Auto called Alpena Flex MAX LED strip 24 inches. It a reputable brand and the quality is good. I say that because my experience with the inexpensive Chinese LED strips is that they just fall apart within months of light use. What I did for the 3rd brake light LED strip was to remove the 3M adhesive from the back of it. I cleaned the front of the strip with alcohol and cut 3M strips to fit between the LED in order to attach to the rear window. I tucked the wire into the rear window gasket and ran down into the trunk.
  9. After trying some other configurations with the LEDs I have decided that the brake and the indicator lights will remain incandescent bulbs Sylvania 7506 Silverstar (21 watts). Now for the reverse lights. I will use the LED 7506 Super bright for reverse. I tried them this evening and wow they really illuminated the rear of the car. Hope this helps someone now or in the future.
  10. Until now I was using incandescent mini bulb 5007 (5w) for Tail Lights and here is what they looked like I decided to try out LED bulb 7506 and 7506 R (red). Here is the 7506 on the left and 7506R on right. Left was bright but washed out so it looked pink, right side was a bright red . The picture does not capture the colors well. Here it is with both sides using 7506R (red) They are much brighter then original bulbs and run cooler. The LED is aimed toward the rear so your reflective surface on your assembly will be a factor. Price at Orileys Auto $22 per pack, rather expensive however the heat reduction and intense brightness are worth the investment.
  11. I only did LEDs for my license plate. The other lights are normal incandescent bulbs. That being said here is pic out in the sunshine as requested.
  12. Tail lights are Sylvania 5007 Long-Life Miniature Bulb (5 watts), I switched from the 5008 (10 watts). I will look for an LED in order to reduce the heat. I want to protect the lens and light assembly from warping or melting. The brakes, reverse and turn lights are Sylvania 7506 Silverstar (21 watts).
  13. In an effort to make the car more visible at night I added LEDs to my rear license plate holder. The license plate lights were replaced by led DE3175 about $9.99 each.. I also added a third brake light (led strip). As a treat I replaced the dome light was with an LED = Sylvania 6411.
  14. So glad to hear you are doing better.
  15. omarcenaro

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