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  1. Thanks for all the compliments and interests. I was pleasantly surprised how many people appreciated the direction I was going as the car wasn't for the purest. I actually had 4 people waiting to look at the car if this deal had fell through. Also got some nice emails just from admirers too. The new buyer is a faq member from Washington and flew down yesterday to inspect. His son-in-law had stopped by on Monday for a quick look. I'm happy it's going to a great home and I can't wait to see it done and running around the Pacific Northwest. BMW is sold as of today, and my Porsche had sold last week, so looks like I will be closing on the house sooner then expected. Sad to see the car go but happy for my new money pit lol. I'm sure I'll be back soon enough. Han
  2. You can drive the car down the block but it has not been gone through since paint (painted with engine out) and new carbs put on. So at the very minimum I'd say it would need a professional tuned and give everything a once over. Seats aren't bolted in since complete interior was removed for paint. Car can definitely be driven for transport and checked that engine and drivetrain is in good working order. Wiring is all set. It's been a while but I believe all the lights are in working order too just no stereo yet. Last thing I had done was for the shop to put the engine back in and get it fired up with the new carbs (sync'd) and new Carter fuel pump. I haven't gotten much further after that as I was supposed to have the interior finished before I got the car road worthy checked and carbs tuned.
  3. That's my 1983 911sc to 1973 911 RSR backdate. The color is Porsche Stone Grey originally from the 356.
  4. Thanks Adrian, Yeah someone will be getting a smoking deal. I did think about Bringatrailer but I figured someone on the forums will appreciate the work and can easily finish it the way I intended. I had no intentions of selling until we just happened to find our dream home with a 1 acre property and a 1,700 sq ft garage/workshop. Opportunities like this don't come up very often and I got a great deal so it made sense to sell a couple of cars to make it happen. I know I can get a lot more with it finished but the sellers want to close by valentines day so I'm willing to take a loss here to get a larger gain there. Forgot to add that the title is clean and clear of course. Also here are some pics of the trunk which is finished nicely already. You can see the sound deadening already done inside, new rear deck and the headliner is new too. Also the way the engine looks is actually complete and running. I had relocated all the relays and tucked the wiring for a clean look. You can see I spent a lot of time on the details. Paint wise I'd say is an above drivers condition. It's done properly and stripped etc but I wouldn't say it's a concourse paint job as it wasn't intended to be. Have a couple of serious parties interested so let see how it pans out.
  5. So with some great life changing events these last two weeks come with the hard decision to put up my 1976 2002 upgraded restomod for sale. I've owned this car for 4+ years now and have really enjoyed building it to where it is. There are some minor details to be finished up but all the hard work is done. Basically we found our dream home and went into escrow 2 days ago. I don't see myself having time to enjoy this car in the next few months as moving and remodeling will take up all my time. I'm typing this while I'm at work (don't worry I'm self employed ;-) so I'm sure I'm forgetting some details that I will add later. All the work is professionally done and almost everything is new or refurbished during the build. There is easily $30k into the car not including the car itself. I have a file of invoices over 2" thick dating back to the 90s. I believe this car is worth easily $25-$30k when completed but with my home closing next month I just won't have time with my busy schedule. This car is a running driving car. What needs to be finished can be done by yourself in your own garage. Also all the hardware (nuts and bolts) was replaced with new stainless or cad plated whenever possible during assembly. Body - Professionally stripped to body and USA diving bumper holes, side markets and engine bay shaved - All glass engine and and trim removed and painted Bristol Gray - All new seals and trim used when reassembling glass and all accessories. - Electrical harness cleaned and sorted and relays relocated for a clean shaved look - Floors stripped and modern sound deadening added - No rust repair needed as this was a Texas and SW car - All suspension and wheel wells finished and painted - Lower knew trim removed and shaved - Upper trim polished but needs reassembly - New windshield installed with new seals Interior - New carpet - New door cards - New leather door panels to be installed - New headliner already professionally installed - New Corbeau seats - New Blaupunkt deck to be installed - Stereo speakers and wiring - Dash has cap and in good shape - Newer Momo steering wheel - Rear seats need to be recovered or rear seat delete panels done - New trunk panels made and covered in premium vinyl Drivetrain - Rebuilt engine (done by previous owner) - New Dual Weber Carburaters - New billet lightened flywheel - New clutch - New water pump and belts - New Header (IE) - New IE Stainless Steel Exhaust - New plug and wires - Getrag 5-speed transmission with IE driveshaft and conversion parts - New aluminum racing radiator - New electric fan - New radiator hoses (all replaced) - New fuel lines - New fuel pump and filter Brakes/Suspension - Lowering springs (eibach I think but ill have to double check) - Stainless steel brake lines - Front upper strut tower bar - Rear Race TEP strut tower bar with battery relocation - Optima Red battery with all new wiring and terminals What needs to be completed - Sunroof reinstalled - temporary installed in there just need completion - Back seat recovered or seat delete panels finsished - AC installed if desired - have all parts collected - Stereo deck installed - New leather door panels installed on new door cards - Rear diff input seal replaced - Belt-line trim re-installed - Miscellaneous checking of everything to be ready for daily driver duty This is my 3rd 2002 so I'm sure I'll be in another in the future but with this and two Porsches, it just doesn't make sense right now. First 3 pics is the current completed condition of the car but I've included the progress build pics to show the detail. BTW my 1975 911 is for sale too if anyone is in the market lol. I'm pricing this for less then whats been spent on just parts on the upgrades so I don't have a lot of room to negotiate. Car is located in Chandler AZ and I'd be happy to help coordinate shipping domestically or internationally. Please email me directly at goldenjadeinc at g mail com if you like or text me at (four8zero) three88-seven8three8
  6. Fortun3


  7. Got the parts. Fast shipping and great price. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks Walter, Payment sent for AC parts and brackets. Han
  9. Agreed. Once a deposit is made and a Bill of Sale is done then that deal should be honored. Sadly looks like a dealer got the car. http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=172081257301&category=42601&pm=1&ds=0&t=1454136428074
  10. Just wanted to vouch for the awesome work these guys do. I bought a full set of oem style decals for my 1978 Porsche 911sc. The quality is superb and so is the customer service. Please note they are in Poland so don't expect the same business hours and response time as a USA business. I paid only $15 for air freight and got my stickers in a week - worth every penny to me. I also replaced my old door jam vin sticker as my car was newly restored. To respond to some people's comments, I don't think it's illegal if your intent is to restore your car. I heard you can even order factory vin stickers from Porsche. Of course if your intent is to swap vins then thats a different illegal story all together. When I get my 2002 back from paint, I'll be ordering more from them. Han
  11. Haha thanks! BTW I can wrap these up for anyone and drop them off at a Greyhound station to ship. They have the cheapest shipping if you're willing to pick up at a local Greyhound terminal. Probably less then $100.
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