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  • steve k.
    steve k.

    BMW 2000 tii

      Type: 121
      Produced in: 1969 1970 1971
      Number Produced: 1952

    At the end of 1969 BMW introduced 2000tii that came with Kugelfisher mechanical fuel injection, the first road-going BMW equipped with fuel injection and the first to bear the "tii" suffix. Though built similarly to BMW 2000 and BMW 2000ti, this fuelie M10 made 130 bhp, powering to a 120 mph top speed. BMW's experience with fuel injection in competition cars convinced the company of its reliability and power potential in road-going vehicles. The Kugelfisher system used a special cam to vary the fuel-to-air mixture depending on engine load, speed, temperature. Only a handful of other road cars -- exotics and expensive luxury cars -- boasted fuel injection. The system was good for another 10 horsepower. The price was $14,290 DM. Only 1,952 were built in '69, '70, and '71.

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