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Rolf Drommer Memorial Drive

Dave Beddows

Hi Everyone,

The BMW Car Club of BC is doing the Rolf Drommer Memorial Harrison Drive on Sunday May 31.  This free event is also open to non-BMW Car Club of BC members to participate of course in their BMW.  For those that knew Rolf he put a lot of effort into promoting enthusiasm in the BMW Marquee from vintage to the M & I cars.  The event will be an easy drive through the back roads out to Harrison.  It will start in Langley around 10am.  Details can be found at www.bmw.hm  Ignore the comments about signing up for the hotel lunch.  The hotel lunch has been canceled.  I am helping out by seeing if we can do an in car lunch service with the local hamburger shop.  If not be prepared to grab A&W on the way home.


If you plan to attend check the page prior to the event for updates and a pending link for route instructions that you can print.  Please drop a line to [email protected] to let them know you're interested because it is their event and they need to know rough numbers.  They use an online registration system for their membership but I'm sure an email if you are not a member will be fine.


It will be nice to show off some of the vintage metal to some that may never have seen a 50 year old BMW in the flesh.

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