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  2. Good afternoon Bc bmw gang. as is always the case, rear suspension is all apart and discovered my rear differential has too many problems to be a viable candidate for rebuild. does any one in the area have a differential they would like to part with? LSD would be great but open differential is fine too! jay
  3. Hi Everyone, The BMW Car Club of BC is doing the Rolf Drommer Memorial Harrison Drive on Sunday May 31. This free event is also open to non-BMW Car Club of BC members to participate of course in their BMW. For those that knew Rolf he put a lot of effort into promoting enthusiasm in the BMW Marquee from vintage to the M & I cars. The event will be an easy drive through the back roads out to Harrison. It will start in Langley around 10am. Details can be found at www.bmw.hm Ignore the comments about signing up for the hotel lunch. The hotel lunch has been canceled. I am helping out by seeing if we can do an in car lunch service with the local hamburger shop. If not be prepared to grab A&W on the way home. If you plan to attend check the page prior to the event for updates and a pending link for route instructions that you can print. Please drop a line to [email protected] to let them know you're interested because it is their event and they need to know rough numbers. They use an online registration system for their membership but I'm sure an email if you are not a member will be fine. It will be nice to show off some of the vintage metal to some that may never have seen a 50 year old BMW in the flesh.
  4. Need the Right side front window guide with rollers. I have 2 spare Left window guides available for trade perhaps?
  5. Place your posts whether for "Parts for Sale" or "Parts Wanted" here!
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    Its that time of year when we can enjoy taking that early morning drive for a coffee yet once again! The first event of the season is scheduled for this Sunday, March 15th, Cates Park, North Vancouver 8-11 am. Hope to see ya there, weather permitting of course. Sponsored by Haggerty in support of North Shore Rescue
  7. Its that time of year when we can enjoy taking that early morning drive for a coffee yet once again! The first event of the season is scheduled for this Sunday, March 15th, Cates Park, North Vancouver 8-11 am. Hope to see ya there, weather permitting of course. Sponsored by Haggerty in support of North Shore Rescue
  8. Location: Waterfront Park, North Vancouver, BC Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Every car entered will receive a 22nd anniversary BMW Car Club Anniversary dash plaque. There is a cost to entering your BMW in the event. Display $10 Judged $20 This is one of the Club’s events that is open to the public. There is no requirement to be an official Club member for this event however to get the full appreciation of the BMW Car Club of BC it is recommended that you join. The BMW Car Club of BC Concours and Heritage Celebration is an annual event to celebrate the BMW marque. We are fortunate to have a high proportion of well maintained older cars in our club, many of them are excellent condition daily drivers. The purpose of our ‘Concours’ is as a ‘gathering’ to recognize and appreciate the various BMW vehicles manufactured for over 100 years. It is meant to be a fun social gathering for club members and the public. Participants are encouraged to bring their BMW and show it at this event by entering it in one of the two categories. The Display category is for the showing and appreciation of your BMW. We recognize the beauty and value of these cars, and are encouraging every BMW owner that attends the event to display their BMW on the grass for others to view. For those that have a competitive nature, we have the Judged category. Here we have a variety of classes and trophies for the top 3 cars in each class based on how clean and detailed the owner has kept their BMW. The judged classes this year will be: – Classic BMW pre 1998 – Modern BMW 1998 – 2018 – M Cars The judges will consider 21 factors of each judged car’s exterior, interior, and engine bay. Points will also be awarded for age of vehicle and mileage. Let it be said, “garage queens are at a disadvantage – these cars are meant to be driven.” In addition to viewing all the cars, this is a great event to meet fellow BMW owners and socialize. It is an event suitable for the entire family. We’ll have a unique hot dog vendor on site available at a reasonable price, or you can bring your own picnic lunch, or head over to Lonsdale Quay for something exotic. Participants that won their category last year are not eligible to enter their car in the Judged category. This gives others a chance to win the top prize There is no need to register on Karelo – just bring your car and your entry fee. For those wishing to enter their BMW in the Judged category it is recommended that you show up closer to 9:00 am so that your vehicle details can be recorded for the judging that occurs later in the day, and to give your BMW those last finishing touches.
  9. Monthly event held at Gerry Point Richmond, usually well attended.
  10. Since its beginnings in a parking lot on the corner of Shaughnessy Street and Lougheed Highway in 2005, to the amazing crowd of 70,000-plus spectators on hand in 2016, the Metro Ford Downtown PoCo Car Show has seen amazing growth and popularity. This year we anticipate larger crowds and more than 500 vehicles on display. There is also continuous entertainment throughout the day on the main stage, a beer gardens, model car building workshop and a huge children’s entertainment area for kids of all ages. On Saturday night we will be hosting our 4th annual Car Cruise and BBQ, presented by Fremont Self Storage. Good food, live music and a great route make for a fantastic kick off to a fun-filled weekend! For further details go here!
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    A celebration to the 100 years of BMW The organising committee and the primary sponsor, ‘Pelling Insurance’, are pleased to announce that on Labour Day Saturday, the Eighth annual Crescent Beach Concours will be held on the grassy lawn of spectacular ocean side Blackie Spit in Crescent Beach, British Columbia. The 2019 event mark’s the 17th year that we have brought together a Labour Day long weekend gathering of Collector Automobiles and Motorcycles. From applications the committee will select up to 80 outstanding entrants. This year, as in the past, entrants will come from all over the west coast of Canada and the United States, and cover a broad span of makes and years and included vehicles that are often rare and seldom seen by the public. This event is a (ICJAG) International Chief Judges Advisory Group Concours d'Elegance that is sanctioned by the (NAACC) National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada Corporation. We welcome local businesses as sponsors and would be pleased to talk to them in 2018 about ways they can get involved in the event. For more information please contact Brad Pelling at (604) 263-3400 or email crescentbeachconcou[email protected] The official hotel of the Crescent Beach Concours is the Hotel Promenade located minutes away from the show field.
  12. Monthly event, hosted by Weissach Porsche. Event starts 8:00am -10:00am be early. We will post information on a meet up time if there is interest in attending this event
  13. There are two cars and coffee events planned for this Sunday......wondering if there is any interest to attend either one. Both are well attended in the past.
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    Carbs and Coffee #5 at Mt Seymour, North Vancouver. Sunday July 28th from 8-11am at the top of Mt Seymour. Some of Vancouvers most unique and diverse automobiles will be in attendance. Hot Coffee and snacks by donation await.Proceeds to North Shore Rescue.Please maintain all posted speed limits and watch for cyclists and pedestrians.
  15. In an attempt to further expand our network we have created a Facebook group page BC/Lower Mainland 2002 Owners Grp. There is increasing ownership over the past few years and not all owners are FAQ users, so with that on mind we are hoping to complete that circle and increase the overall participation and knowledge sharing. I realize that FB may not be that popular with some as the preferred social platform of choice, so if anyone chooses not to join it, you will find the identical information posted here. Should you wish to participate here is the link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1178792885653865/members/ Any questions or concerns, please let me know.
  16. Hey , the BMW CC of BC says gates open at 9 on their website https://bmwccbc.org/event/18th-annual-german-car-festival/
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    Cars & Coffee Steveston is an informal monthly car meet for car enthusiasts, of all kinds. It's not about the car you drive but about how much of a car enthusiast you are!Drive out to Garry Point Park to meet up with other car enthusiasts and share a cup of caffeine, talk about gasoline and enjoy some camaraderie allowing us to show off our rides while celebrating with other gear heads!Everyone including spectators are welcome, be kind, respectful not only to each other but the public land we meet on. In other words NO B.S.!We aim to meet on the last Sunday of each “nice” month. Now let’s see those rides!BYOCC = Bring Your Own Car & Coffee
  18. Just a brief reminder for the German Car Festival in North Van this weekend. For those planning to attend, we could meet up at the Park and Telford Starbuck's....say 9:00am and arrive as a group otherwise hope to see ya there! Hopefully we will see a good turnout. Gates open at 9:30
  19. Anyone planning on attending this weekend's event. Meeting at the Safeway Starbucks' 2315 W4th at 7:30 to enter the event as a group. Hope to see ya there.
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    Open to the public · Hosted by Classic Car Adventures and RX Autoworks
  21. Feel fee to add you favourite pic!

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