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I recently acquired a 69 2002 with an unusual history.  This car was converted to electric in the 90s and slowly updated through the 2000's and 2010's until I bought it with a DC Brushed motor and Lithium Phosphate chemistry battery and controller capable of 100kw.   I will log driving, maintaining, upgrading and owning an electric swap 02. 



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Replacing some Rubber and an Interim Battery

As spring gave way to summer, I started to prioritize getting this Electr02 rolling.  My first trips on the car involved using the existing battery and equipment as it was purchased.  Although I did have some very successful cruises around town, it was clear that the batteries were past their prime and needed to be replaced.  For most of the Electr02's life, it was driven without a BMS, so cell voltages varied enough during use and charging to be suboptimal, maybe long enough to stress some of t
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