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My first car....

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My Bmw

blog-0410932001374764657.jpgblog-0410932001374764657.jpgblog-0410932001374764657.jpgblog-0410932001374764657.jpgblog-0410932001374764657.jpgblog-0410932001374764657.jpgblog-0410932001374764657.jpgThis BMW was my first car when i was 16. I drove it till the head gasket blew....and then some. It sat for 3 to 4 years. I bought a rusty donor car for cheap. I stripped it and kept most of the parts. the donor car was a '75 automatic w/AC. If anybody in the central PA region needs an auto tranny, or Air Conditioning parts let me know i have them. After i blew the motor i parked it for a couple years and I recently decided to swap the motor. The swap is complete and the clutch is new. The car runs....not well yet. brakes need some work and my Alpinas had 6 layers of paint and im in the precess of stripping and repainting them. let me know what you guys think.

Cherry Picker Ready to pull motor!


Heres the old engine out of the car!


Heres what looks like a blown head gasket or maybe even cracked head.


Alpinas 13" (2) 6.5", (2) 6"


Alpinas Being Stripped


Thanks again everybody. Advice is always appreciated.

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