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Neue Klasse and Early '02 Underhood stickers

Neue Klasse and Early '02 Underhood stickers

We are proud to bring one more great item to our store. Just like the warm-up regulator kits, this one is open for pre-order.


We present an underhood sticker set for all BMW Neue Klasse Cars and early BMW 2002s.  The set contains stickers for the radiator, the brake booster, the winter box, and the battery and color stickers applied to the fender. The font on the "color" and "battery" stickers is correct for early cars and differs from the post-1969 stickers.


Color Sticker: Original vs New


Radiator Sticker


Battery Sticker


Air Warm Up Box Sticker


The brake booster sticker differs between BMW models. We will supply the correct sticker for the model that you specify. 


2002 ti; 2002 tii; 2002 turbo 3.6127 - 0301.4
2000 ti; 2000 ti-L; 2000 C; 2000 CS 3.6197 - 0506.6
1800; 1800 auto 3.6197 - 1001.6
1800 Ti 3.6197 - 1102.6
1800 Ti SA 3.6197 - 1103.6
2000; 2000 auto (1966-1968) 3.6197 - 1901.6


Different Brake Booster Stickers


The stickers sold already exist, but we need to get them to me. All stickers are sold as a set. If you do not see the color that you want, please let me know and we can do another production run if there is enough demand.





steve k.

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I changed the order for ma bit. You no longer choose the model of the car, but the serial number for the booster. Hope that scares fewer people away. If you want something that we do not have (color, booster number) let me know and we might be able to get them reproduced.



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On 10/23/2023 at 7:13 PM, JohnP_02 said:

@steve k. are these stickers still available? I need a Granada and radiator sticker.


Thanks! John


These were all preorders to allow me to get them into the US, as the EU shipping was too prohibitive for individual orders. 

I do not have any "Color" stickers left, but I can sell you the Radiator one.



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