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  • wojo


      Model: BMW 2002
      Year: 1974
      Manufactured Date: 05/07/1974
      Original Color:
      Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
      Current Color: Inka
      Current Owner: wojo
      Location: Chapin, South Carolina, 29036
      Last Sold: 11/22/1978

    I bought my car from Peter Gregg MB/BMW in Jacksonville, Fla in November, 1978.  I'm the third owner.  The second owner, Jim, was one of their mechanics who only owned it for about 6 months, selling it when he left working there.  My Dad met Jim at Robert Overby's shop in Jacksonville and he told me all about the car.  What had been done to it and what it needed.  He also told me that he'd teach me particulars about the car.  

    It was originally a daily driver, then in '81, it became a second car when I got a company car.  It has remained as my fun car ever since.

    Being a '74, it burned oil.  Jim had moved to the dealership in Tallahassee and rather than rebuilding it, he suggested an exchange motor in 1981.  Also the original paint wasn't great, so in '82, just before moving to South Carolina, it was repainted.  A 5 speed was added in 1983.  In '85, it suffered some body damage, so all of the Florida salt air rust damage was repaired and/or replaced and it was painted again.  Since then, it's lived in a garage, had regular maintenance and various upgrades.

    Like many others, I had some frame rail rust around the gas tank.  And the 30 year old paint was showing its age plus there were some dings and dents, so I decided it was time to tackle the job.  Of course, paint and some rust repair has turned out to be a several year restoration process.  When the job is done, it'll be way over budget but worth it.  




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