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    Year: 1974
    Manufactured Date: 12/18/1973
    Original Color: Sahara
    Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Sahara
    Current Owner: Gordon
    Last Sold: No value

    My former tii was a Frankenstein. It had been hit many times, lots of body parts replaced, along with rust and copious amounts of bondo. Instead of throwing money at it to fix it, I decided a fresh start was necessary. I traded my 85 Euro spec E28 525e for a 74 tii shell. The polaris paint was totally shot on the E28 and it was a eta car so no big loss.  Before everything was transferred over from my Frankenstin tii into the shell, the Euro bumper conversion was done, US spec side marker lights were deleted and then the tii was repainted into its original color, Sahara.  I had known about this tii shell for years in Palos Verdes, CA, the previous owner decided to do a M20 conversion on the tii but gave up on the M20 project before any mods were done under the hood.  I bought the original motor for the tii from the owner seven years earlier but also came across 2762096 motor about the same time. I decided to have Jack Fahuna rebuild the earlier tii motor (rebuilt to Euro tii specs, 9:5.1 comp ratio). Jerry Fairchild rebuilt the injection pump at the same time.  The original tii # matching block for my car was found in the back of Jack Fahuna's shop 20 plus years after it was pulled out of the engine bay. Jack has rebuilt this motor to Euro tii specs.  My tii was reunited with the original factory engine (matching VINs between chassis and motor) in Fall of 2022    Here are the restomod upgrades to this tii.

    -5 speed


    -E21 Recaro's

    -Eibach springs

    -Bilstein sports

    -ST swaybars

    -Polyurethane bushings.

    -Momo Alpina, or E21 sport steering wheel, I swap them frequently

    -15X7 ET25 Amil 10 spoke wheels with summer performance Yoko tires or MSW 15X7 ET26 basketweaves all season Hankook 195/50-15 tires.

    -Crack free one piece Euro spec dash (no fasten seat belt billboard) that I scored at an automotive flea market in Ludwigshafen Germany and mailed back. The hole for the tii clock was carefully cut out.

    -Euro turn signals (scored at same automotive flea market)

    -Silicon Garage 3 core radiator

    -Cibie H4 lights

    -E30 map light mirror


    My first 02 was a 75 Euro spec Sahara 1802 that I had while in the Air Force stationed in Germany in the early 80's. I wanted my tii to look like my first 02 (except for the 13" wheels).  Having owned a Euro spec 02, I love the Euro bumper look and I like square tail light 02's. Now to find a 220 kph cross hair speedo to complete the Euro look. Last pic is of my former 1802 that was taken in July 81, Winnweiler Germany.














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