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  • 2762632
    Year: 1973
    Manufactured Date: 10/07/1972
    Original Color: Fjord
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Arktisblau-metallic
    Last Sold: No value

    “The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2762632 was manufactured on October 07th, 1972 and delivered on October 19th, 1972 to the BMW importer in Canada. The original colour was Fjord metallic, paint code 037.”


    Currently, July 29, 2020, listed for sale.


    Currently, December 22, 2020, listed for sale on eBay.


    This car appears to have been for sale for at least the last four years, or large parts thereof. Granted, some of its many listings may have been scam listings, with “sellers” that did not respond to texts, calls, or eBay inquiries. If you wish to know more about this history, search this forum with the search string “2762632” and read the many threads and postings. For instance:


    To make matters more complex, a similar seller — perhaps bona fide or perhaps a scammer — appeared to possibly have three formerly Fjord cars, 2761315, 2762632, and 2764444, color-changed to Arctisblau-metallic and for sale at approximately the same time. I’m not convinced members of this forum, certainly including me, discovered sufficient data to distinguish these three cars. Before purchasing VIN 2762632, I’d carefully examine the title and the car’s various VIN appearances.










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