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  • 2745407
    Model: BMW 2002
    Year: 1976
    Manufactured Date: No value
    Original Color: Fjord
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Fjord
    Current Owner: Johnnyroaster
    Last Sold: No value

    Stage two engine with dual side draft 45 DCOE Weber’s E21 head and 320i brakes. Car was rebuilt for me in 1990 by Bavarian Imports in Atlanta.  I am in the process of get it ready for the road after spending 18 years in my barn. 




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    This, VIN 2745407, is a very late 2002, manufactured in July 1976, near the end of ‘02 production. VIN 2745584 was the last 2002, also manufactured in July 1976, just 177 cars after the subject car.






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