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    Model: BMW 2002
    Year: 1973
    Manufactured Date: No value
    Original Color: Malaga
    Sunroof: Standard
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Robin's egg blue
    Current Owner: Chris_B
    Location: Scotts Valley, California, 95060
    Last Sold: 01/01/2000

    1972 ex-Malaga;



    New school head unit with streaming Bluetooth and iPhone support;  lots of speakers and amps hidden away. If you are interested in 02 audio, email me at chris_blumenthal@yahoo.com



    Factory Sunroof



    3.64 LSD Diff

    Bilstein HD strut inserts front/shocks rear

    Bridgestone RE-11 195/50 tires, front and rear

    Complete tii front end/brakes

    HID headlamps and LED taillights

    H&R sport springs

    IE 22mm Front/22mm Rear Sway Bar Set

    IE front strut brace

    IE fixed front camber plates



    E21 sport seats

    E21 sport steering wheel



    2” custom exhaust system

    9,5:1 Mahle pistons

    BMW Motorsport 300 cam

    Ceramic coated factory exhaust downpipe with wideband 02 sensor

    Curt Ingraham 3 core radiator


    E12 head

    Dual 45 DCOE carbs

    IE Shorty Headers

    Jacobs Energy Coil

    Magnecor ignition wires

    MSD 6A capacitive ignition system

          New Bosch tii dizzy with Pertronix ig



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