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  1. My apologies to jturner. I can only say that is not what I received, but it was quite a while ago (several years..?).
  2. Don't know what that is, but it is not a production IE shorty header. Here are a couple of pics of mine.
  3. Chris_B

    Troubleshooting no spark

    So do I.
  4. Chris_B

    Troubleshooting no spark

    Wow. Well, you could test that theory by using your meter and testing continuity to ground at the coil or dizzy with the switch in and out.
  5. Chris_B

    Troubleshooting no spark

    Good eye...
  6. Chris_B

    Troubleshooting no spark

    Well, your meter will tell you whether it does. Just put one of the meter leads on the black wire that attaches to the dizzy (unplug it for this test) and the other lead on the connection to the coil (also unplugged). Can't really tell from these pics but it doesn't look like your point gap is wide enough. What kind of a meter do you have? It is possible to test the condenser with an ohmmeter. If it is shorted to ground, that will hose your ignition (again, a somewhat unlikely occurrence).
  7. Chris_B

    Troubleshooting no spark

    The points are on the ground side of the ignition circuit, so no you should not get +12V. What you might want to try is disconnecting the ground wire (should be a black wire) from the coil and use your ohmmeter setting on your meter to determine whether you have continuity through that wire to the wire in your distributor..
  8. Chris_B

    Troubleshooting no spark

    Also, whether you have or don't have a ballast resistor on the coil is not going to prevent spark, regardless of which coil you are using. Do you have a relay on the +12V to the coil? If so, typically would be mounted on the firewall near the dizzy. As has been said, some pics of this area showing your coil, wiring, etc. would be helpful.
  9. Chris_B

    Troubleshooting no spark

    Getting them to at least open and close when you crank your motor over will be critical. Do you have a feeler gauge in the correct size? BTW, the ignition will create a spark with a bad (or missing) condenser, unless the condenser is internally shorted (very rare). It is there primarily to keep the points from frying.
  10. Chris_B

    Troubleshooting no spark

    How are you adjusting the points?
  11. Chris_B

    Troubleshooting no spark

    What you are saying is a wee bit confusing, but you should have +12V on the + terminal on the coil and ground at the negative terminal on the coil, when your ignition key is in the run position. It is pointless to try and measure output of the coil HT lead. For the avoidance of doubt, does you starter turn the motor over when you move the key to the start position?
  12. Chris_B

    What is it about 13" wheels

    Here is one the shows the wheels.
  13. Chris_B

    What is it about 13" wheels They work and are barely visible behind basket weaves. Have them on my 325iX (you have to have basket weaves on this car...). They cut down on the brake dust by about 95%.
  14. Chris_B

    318i alternator upgrade fail

    This is an 80A E30 318i alternator. I bought it with the lower mounting bracket from Double02 Salvage 10 or 15 years ago. They sold this as an upgrade kit for 02s. I never realized how close the alternator shaft is to my fan until I took this pic. It seems like I might have had to use the pully from my 02 alternator for this installation, but I can't recall.