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  1. I installed a 320i sport (AFAIK) wheel with rough wheel grip and installed a wheelskin (bought based on size/color as stated above). One comment I have is that the fat wheel feels much better when driving than my hard plastic original 02 wheel.
  2. Here is another alternative. Tii brake booster, with real air filters (sourced from Aus).
  3. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the condenser only functions as a buffer, to keep the points from frying. A bad condenser will not stop the ignition from firing unless it is a dead short to ground. A quick test is to disconnect the condenser and see if you get spark. The alternate and preferred test is to check the condenser with your multimeter to make sure it is not shorted to ground.
  4. This suggests that your dizzy is not functioning as required. I just read through this thread and I can't tell whether you are running an aftermarket ignition or the stock configuration (sorry- perhaps too many beers on my part).
  5. This is a good question. Typically, resistor/coil mismatch is not going to stop your motor from firing, except perhaps in really cold weather. It seems odd that your motor just died suddenly- suggests sudden component failure.
  6. Great tire. Not available in 15" (or 16" or 17")
  7. Wow. I haven't worn a set out yet, so your experience certainly is more authoritative than mine.
  8. The Bridgestone RE-71 is a helluva tire, but not for your daily driver (unless you are independently wealthy and can afford to replace them when they wear out). I have a set Toyo Proxes R1s in 225/15R15 on my 325iX (sadly, a size apparently not available in the new Proxes R1R, which is OK because at the rate I drive that car it will be a long time before I wear them out), also a helluva tire.
  9. Isn't this what the 2002faq was all about in the beginning? I have nothing against hard-copy books (I still read them) but I am not sure where this is going and why there should be more information available to this hard copy project than is (or should be) available here.
  10. If you had the engine running at idle for an unusual amount of time, yes- I suggest you take it out for an "Italian" tuneup (not used as a pejorative term or intended to insult any Italians or people of Italian heritage) and then see what your plugs look like, without letting the car idle for long when you get back to the garage. Unless you have some kind of general ignition failure, the only ignition problem that would cause your plugs to carbon up like that is the wrong heat range plug. On the other hand, lots of non-plug related problems could cause that. Which plugs are you running? You said this is the first time you have had the plugs out of the engine, so it may be difficult to conclude that the condition of you plugs has anything to do with your poor running conditions.
  11. Except when it is +100 degrees for 4 or 5 days running. If it weren't such a huge undertaking in a non-A/C car, I would have A/C in a heartbeat.
  12. I think Toby knows a lot more above "vice" than "vise"...
  13. Did you lube the cam when you worked on the dizzy?
  14. This is worthy of being a FAQ article. Why don't you publish it? People generally won't go to the FAQ articles (despite the original purpose/name of the forum) to seek information before posting a question to the forum. But, if there is an on-point article, people can be referred to that article when appropriate.

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