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    Model: BMW 2002
    Year: 1973
    Manufactured Date: 04/09/1973
    Original Color: Riviera
    Sunroof: Standard
    Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Nevada
    Current Owner: JKKH
    Past Owners: RFord888
    Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota
    Last Sold: 12/15/2023

    From PO: Essentially a "rust free" California car but needed much more. Ground up restoration nearing completion. Intention was to maintain a "period" stock look on the outside (classic color, stainless bumpers w/ over-riders, optional alloys with 185/70 13  Pirelli Cintauratos, all trim) with modern interior ('74-76 color in leather, A/C, sound deadening, Bluetooth) and upgraded M-10 ( 38/38 Weber, Pertronix, JE forged pistons, mild cam) Not an investment, not a garage queen, not at all original, but a road-tripping summer driver. 


    Full restoration was completed in early 2019 and then sent to Carl Nelson at La Jolla Independent for "clean up" in Mar 2019.  As noted above, the original Riviera blue was replaced by Nevada - an earlier modell 71 color that was not available in on MY '73 cars in NA.  5 optional alloy's were ultimately wrapped in 175/70-13 Pirelli CN36's (Kumho in same size on the spare.)  Interior was fully restored in Saddle, with a crack-free later 1-piece dash - though all controls remain original MY '73, i.e. R-side turn indicator, dash knob wiper speed, etc.  Additionally, sound deadening, e21 Recaro sport seats, e21 sport steering wheel, ICE Auto AC, Sisal CocoMats, and a RetroSound radio were fit.  Engine rebuild was as above, save the cam was returned to stock.  Suspension fully rebuilt during restoration using Koni Sport dampening, new OEM springs, and 22/19mm ST anti-sway bars.

    Car was offered as the 2023 BMW CCA Classic Car Raffle car, with a full review and refresh by Carl Nelson before the raffle.





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