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  1. Andrew, Last comment pretty funny. Suppose I could hang on to these... But, and imagine this goes for any 18 offset 5.5 wheel, would 175/70s or even 165/70s work with such wheels? And lastly, when I put the ATS wheels on the tii, noticed a couple wheel weights on the garage floor. Thanks everyone for all the help. Rich
  2. You guys are spot on. Looks like I'll have some wheels for sale.
  3. Steve, The saga continues: Mentioned earlier 205s on 5.5 inch wheels? Tried it today. Bought these wheels from an FAQ'er. Conservative look but classic too. Because I liked the 205s so much, thought I'd risk them on these wheels. No go. The rears rub on significant road bumps. Didn't even try hard cornering. They are coming off... Thanks, Rich
  4. To me, those are the Holy Grail of wheels!
  5. Fantastic! Good luck. Out of curiosity, what wheels do you have? (I love wheels!!) BTW, other threads mention 205s on 5 1/2 inch wheels but say they can be "squishy"
  6. I like your comment about the spacers Totally makes sense. Running Euroweaves on the E30 as well but I have virtually new Sprint classics on my 14 inch weaves which I like too but for different reasons and applications. Finding it hard to justify another set of tires and mounting. With wheels and tires I'm as bad as some people with shoes (Nine sets of wheels, eight sets of tires, for four cars). I switch back and forth just to aggravate my back. You could refinish those turbines and put 205/50 13s Sprint Classics on them? They say 5.5s are the minimum width for those tires and can be squishy vs 6 inch wheels. Or the Pirelli Cinturato 185/70 13? But you probably know all this already. And neither will be better for canyons than the 14s. Good problems to have! Good luck
  7. Quick question - tires on the E30 weaves? 195/60 14? I've got 195/65 14 on my E30 and have long wanted to try them on the 02 but the diameter is 3/4 larger with the 65 aspect and most threads here say run 60s. Just wondering Still like those turbines - GLWTS
  8. Steve, No rubbing. Fenders stock as well as springs. Rich
  9. Not the best pics as these were meant to highlight the car, not the tires and wheels. But they should do...
  10. Am running the Sprint Classics 205/60 13s on 6 inch rims and handling is excellent. A great touring tire. Also have the Cinturato 185/70 13 on the original FPS alloys and they are excellent too. The former do put a little more rubber on the road - evident in hard cornering.
  11. Looks like we are going to make it to 10, which means I'll place the order next Tuesday. Details to follow
  12. The foreign wire is a pain. Sorry I didn't do this sooner.
  13. Sure thing. Details to follow. Think we are getting to 10 with no sweat!
  14. I am organizing a "group buy" of the steering box rebuild kit complete with shims. This is the same box I purchased two years ago directly from the manufacturer. At the time, with shipping and foreign wire transfer fees, my cost was $450. The manufacturer is offering a discount of over 20% if I order 10. Combined with a bulk shipping rate and foreign wire fees spread over 10 units, I can offer each kit for $325 plus shipping to your locale. In case you are unaware, a well known supplier sells the same kit for over twice that price. Already have firm orders for 6, and possibly 7, from Chicago 02ers - mechanics and enthusiasts. I'm only looking to get to 10 as I don't want to be in the business but will entertain a few more orders. (Offering to this thread first hoping to satisfy the 10 kit min. before going out to the community at large with true group buy.) Manufacturer tells me it will take 7-10 days to complete the order once placed. Conservatively, it will take a month to get the kits in your hands (Clearly faster if you can pick it up in Chicago) Let me know as I'd like to get this going while driving season is still in full swing. Rich
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