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  1. He is doing the CR but selling only through Ireland. Probably twice the price.
  2. If you have been following the thread "steering box" you know what this is about. If not, and your steering box screw has reached its limit, please familiarize your self with the thread. Masterminded a group buy about four months ago and since then, folks who missed it have been clamoring for another. Well, maybe not clamoring but if we can order 10 kits, I can offer them at $325 each plus shipping. (W&N is $700 plus shipping) The only caveat is the supplier is backordered at this time and the wait will be 6 to 7 weeks. Courtesy of FAQ member "0257" a description is below. Please note, I am not making any claims as to whether your steering experience will be radically improved with this kit. I'll only say that three of the best 02 mechanics in the midwest have ordered multiple kits and are in on this group buy as well. Please PM me if you want one. And since I personally finance this I would appreciate a firm commitment before I place the order -after which time I'm on the hook.I don't ask for payment until I have the kits on hand and am ready to ship. I'll let this float out there for a week or so, and then place the order - assuming we reach ten. Rich Our K-172ES steering repair kit includes the following parts: 1 (one) steering worm, 1 (one) roller-kit to repair the sector shaft (A) 1 (one) upper ball bearing (cup & cage with balls) of worm, 1 (one) lower ball bearing (cup & cage with balls) of worm, 2 (two) bushings for the sector shaft, 2 (two) oil seals, 1 (one) shim set (for adjusting axial end play of worm and bearings) (B) 1 (one) gasket for the sector shaft cover. (A) Roller-kit includes : 1 roller, 1 pin, 2 oversize washers & full complement of needle rollers. (B) Shim set includes : 3 shims of 0,2 mm thickness, 1 shim of 0,1 mm and 1 shim of 0,05 mm
  3. Heard back from Ricardo. We are good to go. As mentioned above, lead time is 6 to 7 weeks and the price will be $325 per kit plus shipping. Please email [email protected] to let me know if you are in. Rich
  4. Apologies Jason - (JsnPpp) I missed you on the list!
  5. Ventas is backordered approximately 6-7 weeks, so if that changes anything for folks please let me know. Pricing was not confirmed but doubt it has changed from last time. So far interest from: 0257 Jimmy Mike G Old Bimmers Let me know if I'm leaving anyone out... Also have local Chicago interest for three more. As soon as Ricardo from Ventas confirms details, I will post a "Group Buy" here, and another one in "Parts for Sale". We should have little problem getting to ten.
  6. and assume this is for the standard kit? Ireland - see above - is handling CR kits
  7. Have an email in to Ventas. When they confirm, I will notify all who are interested.
  8. This is covered for the most part in the thread. Ireland is working with Ventas to develop a CR. However, looks like Ireland will have an exclusive so after development costs, markup etc. I would not be surprised to see a four figure price tag. Afterall, W&N sells the direct replacement for $700
  9. Should be $325 plus shipping. Waiting on word from Ricardo at Ventas
  10. Steve - Matteo responded and he is nothing short of a fabulous guy! We exchanged a few emails in which he answered my questions and I got nothing less than an instant education in "Alpina" and "Borrani" wheels. Forwarded some neat photos too. Thanks again for the lead. Rich
  11. Sent an email late Friday re above. Clearly too early to record result but have another query. Bought a large car and parts lot. Includes a fine set of Alpina/Borranis R!-440s. What is the "accepted" way to refinish them? Is it ok to powdercoat (probably the best protection long term), or is painting preferred? Thanks, Rich
  12. The bank charged me $55 for a wire. Spreading over ten or more kits helps but it's in the shipping where money is really saved.
  13. About four months ago, I organized a group buy with Ricardo and sold the kits here for $325 plus shipping. If you buy individually you must account for not only far higher shipping costs per unit but that you must pay Ventas in US dollars via foreign wire transfer and incur wire transfer fee. The buyer must also provide personal information, a requirement that if you carefully read this entire thread you will discover. FYI. The first kit I bought from him by myself over two years ago was $450 all in. Additionally, unless you are very mechanically capable, you will need someone to rebuild and install. That being said, my suggestion is to organize another group buy of ten or more in order to obtain the best pricing. Ricardo is a fantastic person and has never "steered" me wrong.
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