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  1. Car came with an Ireland and lookin for an original 151 008 unit vs the188 002 replacement. Thanks, Rich
  2. You're the best! Thank you.
  3. Anyone know of any sources or close replicas?
  4. Can you send pictures of the chrome hinges and such? Thanks, Rich
  5. The rust is scaring folks. It seems to be on every seam and anywhere metal meets metal. I'm 40 years out of my bodywork days. Are there new processes to assure it won't come back? And one of the best all time color combos. When do you ever see blue interior in a car anymore?
  6. PM-ing on the license plate pair
  7. Mo - do you have a shift pattern for a "dogleg" where upper left is Reverse, directly below it is 1st and so on?
  8. Dave - just joined the group and responded to Doug Morgan explaining I'll be at C&C tomorrow. taking the '72 Tundra. Looking forward to meeting you. Rich. And thanks as I hardly check FB and probably should change my notification settings so I don't miss posts and such.

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