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  1. Could this explain why on the front wheel, the center cap sheared off after a mile of driving?
  2. Briefly met the seller about 6 weeks ago. Said he bought all this for $1,500. Not a bad flip!
  3. Good stuff though. I can get repros but I can't get the Resra Real Things! Sounds good. Let me know and I'll PayPal you. Thanks PS - are you going to 02 Fest in September?
  4. Resra, A friend saw my response to you and offered his originals from his four year restored car but he's not sure of the condition. He bought new Euro lenses. But are you sure you want to sell your last set? Last time we did this you lost two tii wheels!!! Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Rich
  5. Hey Resra, These are perfect for a restoration. If no one has claimed them, I’ll take them. Glad to see you again! Regards, Rich
  6. Nice to know in case I get fatigued staring at them!
  7. John, Looks like those are 205/60 13? And are the wheels 6 inches wide and 30 offset? If so, same fitment as mine. But my left rear rubs. (I have a set of ATS 6 inch same offset and tires but don't rub. This dilemma was the subject of a previous thread. I may just get 185/70s and move on. Anyway - good problems to have: CMRs, good tires, great cars, and what colors to paint the wheels. Afraid to tell you I powder-coated the triangles but they look awesome! As far as these Alpina CMRs, and selling them, we'll see. Lots of parts to work through and decisions to make. Plan to spend weekends this summer sorting. Rich
  8. Steve, You just saved me the headache of trying to source paint! Thanks, Rich
  9. Steve, If you recall, I was on the hunt for a set of CMR triangle holes and was able to source a set of four R1-561 but ran into trouble with the 205/60 13s rubbing on the left rear. (I'm trying to lose weight but Haagen Dazs, Ben and Jerry, and Bourbon conspire against me) Still a work in progress. As luck would have it, bought a car and parts lot last August and a set of four Alpina CMR R1-140 dated 6/73 were included. Very good shape. My question is do you or anyone have opinions on the color they should be finished? I saw that John-02 had his redone, and came out great, but the guy would not divulge his secret formula for the "grey/beige". when redoing the tirangle set, I had them stripped and powder-coated silver. They look fantastic - especially against my Nevada car - but the color is not "correct". For this set, I'd like to do it right. Thanks for all you do! Regards, Rich
  10. Hey there, I’ll take two set if you don’t mind. Local for another ten days. Can I arrange to pick them up? RF
  11. I saw this car at Cars and Coffee in Point Loma last Saturday. As soon as I arrived I went straight for it. It is really quite something. The paint is outstanding (after 20 plus years!) and the upgrades (5 speed and 2 liter) make it modern. I was lucky enough to speak to the owner and he told me it drives better than it looks. And he's a car guy up to his neck in projects and enjoying every minute of it. Compared to the BAT car the was bid to $68k, this car would be my choice hands down.
  12. Aside from E Pluribus Unum, the only other Latin I know is “Caveat emptor”. Whether we like it or not, the car restoration business is entirely unregulated and high prices attract amateurs and profiteers. I was one of the “shredders” having had first hand experience with the restorer. If anyone on this site is considering this car, perform proper due diligence before parting with your cash.
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