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  1. Those are beautiful - and the car too! Great tires Great deal Better than my ATS wheels! GLWTS
  2. If you haven't already, you should advertise on r3vlimited. E30 owners are always looking for these
  3. Michelin has also gotten back into the game with what I think they call the "XDX". 185/70 13. Saw them on an '02 a month ago. But they are insanely expensive. $350 each.
  4. Apologies. Just went to Wallothnesch and could not find them. I know I bought a set there last year. A repro I'm sure so maybe they will have them again.
  5. Agreed. Pictures did not do them justice
  6. Looking for a pair of trim rings that fit behind the vent window knobs- in between the knob and the door card. BMW part number 51326754364 (Number 2 in the schematic below.)
  7. I may need the steering pad with the VIN on it. If Ingamlee does not need it or want, please let me know. Thanks, Rich
  8. You may want to reconsider your asking price. A new set of TA11s are $275 to your door from Tire Rack.
  9. Pictures of the sun visors please
  10. Has anyone ordered the box from Ventas and tried it? I ask because a friend is going to install my kit in his car so we will have a baseline. If it works are there people interested in a group buy? I'd be happy to organize it.

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