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  1. RFord888

    steering box

    Thank you
  2. RFord888

    steering box

    Well the jury is still out. And on the upgrade thought, a restorer said to me if he could make a kit for Quick ratio box people would beat his door down. But I'm well beyond my pay grade here. Maybe someone could weigh in as to whether the standard box could accommodate Quick ratio gearing?
  3. RFord888

    Many New and Used Parts - Selling All Together

    I'll take the lot. Will pm you in a minute
  4. RFord888

    steering box

    No worries on the worm gear. Ricardo asked me if I my car was right hand or left hand drive so I have to assume he makes both and sent the correct one. When Ben at B&D inspected the parts he did not note the worm gear was for a right hand drive car. Rich
  5. RFord888

    steering box

    Will try to make a long story short - this took months to research and complete the transaction. Like many of you I was on a search for a truly rebuilt box. Persistent searching led to Argentina, Ventas CHS, and Ricardo Cavallero. Yes, Argentina. Ricardo machines the guts for the ZF box and sells it as a kit. Here is what is included: 1 (one) steering worm, 1 (one) roller-kit to repair the sector shaft, 1 (one) upper bearing (ball bearing) of the worm, 1 (one) lower bearing (ball bearing) of the worm, 2 (two) bushings for the sector shaft, 2 (two) oil seals, 1 (one) gasket for the sector shaft cover. I bought the kit and shipped it to Illinois whereupon the best 2002 mechanic in the Cook County inspected the kit and was impressed. However, he determined my box was in fine shape and elected not to rebuild it. (The car has only 102,000 miles and there were other steering issues like those noted in this thread that needed repair) Thus the kit was not installed and remains in my parts bin. I actually looked into importing the kits here and spoke to a number of notable 2002 folks as to the need for one. Some were enthusiastic, others not at all, but the real hang-up was lack of business model viability -importing foreign car parts and potential astronomical liability. This isn't an air conditioning or seat bracket. (No offense to those who provide those valuable parts - I'm a customer!) Ricardo is quite a nice fellow and he could not have been more straightforward or trustworthy. I wired him US funds and he sent me the kit. I would not hesitate to install the kit and may well in another car. Total cost was $450 ($300 for the kit, $100 shipping, and my bank charge $50 for a foreign wire) Here is the kit. Anyone interested should contact Ricardo.
  6. RFord888

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch? - January 14, 2019

    Veni, vidi, I was in heaven. The CCA Foundation did a great job choosing cars from original and unmolested to highly modified.
  7. RFord888

    1 Series-2002, discuss.

    Same! Like it too. Our 1 series is the "best" BMW we've ever owned. But I'm not going to cut it up.
  8. RFord888

    Types of Dashboards

    Ray and Jim, Thanks for the information. Very helpful and much appreciated. Rich
  9. RFord888

    Types of Dashboards

    Jim, Jim, Are you saying you can't install a "silver dollar" gauge cluster in a 1 or 2 piece dash? Or if possible, the studs must be changed to fit? Rich
  10. RFord888


    Bid to $75 but RNM.
  11. Guy,


    This guy seems to have a lot of gauges. I bought a gauge cluster from him.





  12. Mo, Do you still have the dash stencils? Buying a '74 dash and applications don't match my '72. Thanks, Rich
  13. RFord888

    1973 tii Verona/Black

    Sold for $33,600 (30k x 1.12%) at Mecum earlier today. Link below. Was interested in car and researched. Won't comment here but if anyone wants to PM me to get the lowdown, happy to respond. https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0119-355842/1973-bmw-2002-tii/
  14. RFord888


    Essentially a "rust free" California car but needed much more. Ground up restoration nearly complete. Intention was to maintain a "period" stock lock on the outside (classic color, stainless bumpers w/ bumperettes, tii alloys) with modern interior (leather, A/C, sound deadening, Bluetooth) and upgraded M-10 (Weber, Tii distributor, forged pistons, mild cam) Not an investment, not a garage queen, not at all original, but a road-tripping summer driver.