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  1. RFord888

    WTB Knurled Adjustment Nuts for Sunroof

    yes thanks - do you need one?
  2. RFord888

    FS: Oil Pump

    Yours is a good deal! Just want people to know they can save a few shekels.
  3. RFord888

    FS: Oil Pump

    New oil pumps are available from W&N for $315 delivered to the US.
  4. RFord888

    13 Inch "Alpina" Wheels

    Hard to tell from the photos but thinking from an E21. Cheap - so far - for someone near Columbus, Ohio who can pick them up https://www.ebth.com/items/10068729-bmw-tempest-touring-tr-185-70r13-86t-tires?utm_source=notifications&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=saved-keywords
  5. RFord888

    WTB "Massive" Bracket for E21 Recaros

    Thanks- I have a table saw. Please dig up the drawing if you can, if only for the benefit of the community, but I am trying to organize a group buy.
  6. RFord888

    WTB "Massive" Bracket for E21 Recaros

    Mike, This is excellent - and you are spot on - I don't feel like underwriting this effort financially and then chasing folks for money. Take your time. I'll wait to hear from you before I post. Rich
  7. RFord888

    WTB "Massive" Bracket for E21 Recaros

    Thanks Mike - as this descends the latter of posts I assume I should bump it? Any suggestions are welcome. Rich
  8. RFord888

    WTB "Massive" Bracket for E21 Recaros

    That's very kind. May I have a call option? Since I just put this out there would like to wait a month or two, and if we can get real interest, better for everyone.
  9. Spoke to Lee at "Massive." He does not have any and needs 20 orders for a production run. I'm happy to organize a group buy if there is enough interest in the next few months. Please respond to this post and I'll start a list. I need two so we are already 20% on the way there!
  10. RFord888

    Pair of "Trap" Mirrors ......SOLD

    Couldn't agree more. Was about to buy the driver's side from Maximillian and then these came along. Told Mike it was like getting the passenger side for free! I'd add @resra to that list.
  11. RFord888

    Pair of "Trap" Mirrors ......SOLD

    i'll take them
  12. RFord888

    WTB Silver Dollar Cluster

    Experience here - Will PM