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    Model: BMW 2002
    Year: 1972
    Manufactured Date: No value
    Original Color: Fjord
    Sunroof: Standard
    Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
    Current Color: White
    Current Owner: e30austin
    Location: Portland, Oregon
    Last Sold: 12/01/2021

    This vehicle started off as a conventional '72 carbureted 2002, factory 4-speed.  At some point in the late 1970s/early 1980s, it was rear ended and wound up in Tijuana, Mexico, where someone converted it into a pickup.  At this point, it was painted "root beer brown" (poorly, according to the former owner) and somewhere around 1987, the engine exploded.  The former owner phoned my mentor's shop, who specialized in 2002s, looking for an engine.  My mentor inquired as to what year the 2002 was, so he could sell him the correct engine.  Upon learning that it was a pickup conversion, my mentor lost his mind and had to have it.  A deal was struck, and Mike drug home his newest possession.  


    From 1987 to 1989, the vehicle was torn down to a carcass and was restored - not over restored, but repainted in a visually pleasing white, with black 320i Recaro seats and a new carpet kit, new seals and trim, complete suspension overhaul, along with a replacement engine (of course), mildly built with a set of high compression pistons, and some port work done to the head, and a 320i 5-speed conversion to top it all off.  Mike proudly daily drove the old girl, regularly putting his bicycle in the bed (with a custom fork mount he fabricated) and riding with his local cycling club, all over the Pacific Northwest.  His former neighbor hand painted his shop graphics along the left and right doors - "Mike O'Hara's Service - Exclusively BMW", with a drawing of his beloved "06" '68 2002, that he raced for many years.  


    The engine failed on New Year's Day, 2013, after an exhaust valve failed, so he and I rebuilt it, using only parts he had laying around the shop - replacement engine block, head, piston, reusing all the rings and bearings and various gaskets.  He was always trying to see how much he could get away with, and proudly stated that the only new part he purchased, was a new head gasket.  I'll be damned if this isn't the best running M10 engine I've ever seen or worked on.  I would argue it was almost impossible to travel on the east side of Portland, without seeing Mike putting around, at least a few times a week.  He claims he put 500k miles on it in 30 years time - somehow, I believe that.


    It was daily driven from 1989, until 2019, when it suffered a mild front end collision, and was parked for a few years.  In 2021, it was decided that the time had come to pass the torch, and I was fortunate enough to become the next caretaker.  Even after sitting for 2 years, without even a jump start, I inserted the key, and it fired right up after 5-6 rotations of the engine.  Upon getting it home, it received a thorough wash, replaced the front bumper, cleaned out the moldy interior, fixed multiple oil leaks, overhauled the driveshaft, adjusted the brakes, changed the oil, and replaced the mechanical fuel pump and all the fuel hoses.  Later in 2022, I installed a new carpet kit, a nice pair of Recaro LX seats, and replaced the failed windshield gasket.


    I used it as my shop runner, until closing the business, early 2023.  It now lives a comfortable, privileged life indoors, getting driven on the weekends.  Currently on the hunt for a whole S14 drivetrain to install in this, some day.  It means more to me sentimentally than anything else I own.  I will always think of my long time friend and the best mentor anyone could ask for, every time I get in.  


    Not for sale, now or ever.  This is with me for life.


    tl;dr - it's a 2002 pickup.   what's not to like.  a NE Portland legend.



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