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  1. Have one used 2002Tii timing cover for sale. Part number: "1 257 409 225", with a "73" date stamp. I do not have the plastic timing covers, or the lower alternator bracket. What you see here, is what I have to sell. I have no other 2002 parts. There is a single, broken, 6mm bolt, in the cover, as identified in the pictures, so please view carefully. $225, plus shipping in the continental United States.
  2. Hi there, guys. Do any of you have an old "Mike O'Hara Service" plastic license plate frame, that you would be interested in selling? Mike ran out of these, many years ago and has no intentions of making any more. I'm after a couple of them and I know Mike worked on mostly 2002s over the years - I figured you would be the best crowd to ask! e30austin at gmail dot com is the best way to reach me - I don't frequent this site, all that much. Regards, AB
  3. 03/1984 on the overhauled unit. Looks like 10/2002 on the never opened unit. Austin
  4. Correct, it was overhauled, then kept in a dry, climate controlled, private storage garage, from that time forward. Never used after being gone through. Austin
  5. Please email me, if interested - NO PRIVATE MESSAGES - e30austin at gmail dot com -------- Selling a pair of transmissions for a friend. Please read the descriptions fully and email me if interested. Thank you for looking! For sale, are two Getrag 235, close ratio, dogleg, transmissions. These are fitted with M10 bell housings and were removed from 2002s, many years ago. First one, was a spare for the owner's 2002 race car. It was overhauled in the 80s and never used. Synchros were inspected, seals were changed, whatever parts this box needed, it got. Known good unit. $5000 Second unit, was out of a running, driving, crashed Tii, that the owner bought from a customer, many years ago. Not much is known about this unit, except that the owner wouldn't have saved it, if he thought it were garbage. Never opened, so internal condition is unknown. $4000 Would consider a package deal for the two units. Pricing does not include any shipping/handling fees. Please email me if interested - NO PRIVATE MESSAGES - e30austin at gmail dot com
  6. Per the previous owner... "There is no charging system. Too much weight, too much drag on engine. Wrong place for weight. What we would do was; look for power outlet and park by it, or bring a little gasoline generator and charge it often."
  7. SOLD SOLD SOLD ON NOV 23, 2018 PLEASE NO PRIVATE MESSAGES - EMAIL ONLY AT: e30austin at gmail dot com *sorry if something is not correctly identified, I am not a 2002 expert!* Next on the chopping block, is my 1968 2002 race car project. This is number 1661076, one of the very early ones. I bought the car, from a good friend of mine, who owned it, in stock trim, since 1973-4 sometime. This was his main driver for many years. Along the way, he decided to start taking it to track days, and was slowly upgrading parts, along the way. In the early 80s, he decided he was going to build a roll cage, and turn it into a legitimate race car. This car was incredibly successful, in GT3, for many years. For a multitude of reasons, my friend last raced this car on September 15, 1990, and the car sat in a dry, climate controlled, storage bunker, from that point forward, until earlier this year. My original intention was to get it back on the road and take it to track days, but with the acquisition of a property, in the very near future, all my toys are going away. Enough of the story, here are some details... Car: 1968 2002 - clean Oregon title in hand - NO RUST Full custom roll cage custom fiberglass front fenders and rear "overfenders" fiberglass hood and trunk plexiglass rear window and side windows OE Turbo rubber trunk spoiler, in excellent shape, studs are present Engine/ancillaries: Custom, race spec 2.0 M10, built by Ray Korman, in 1985 121 head - lots of port work done. "83" date stamp 13.7:1 compression - 108 octane required Dr. Schrick 336 degree camshaft Alpina valves Febi HD rockers Schnitzer 20-4 front timing cover ($$$$$$$$) Bosch "R" (racing) distributor Dual Weber 50 DCOE carburetors Reverse flow cooling system - Bavaria water pump "Accusump", dry sump, oiling system MSD electronic ignition system Fuel cell in trunk, with four electric fuel pumps Pyrometers on each exhaust runner Transmission and driveline: Getrag 235 close-ratio 5 speed (2002 turbo, NOT the E21 close ratio box) - rebuilt in 1986, minimal usage since Good driveline Tilton twin disc clutch and flywheel Stock shifter andwafflesshift tower assy 3.91 LSD - 75% lockup Suspension and brakes: Close-ratio steering box Custom built springs and adjusters, to make a fully adjustable coilover suspension setup (very high tech, for its time period!) Bilstein sport dampers Turbo front disc brakes with ventilated discs Custom rear disc brake conversion, similar to the Alpina setup Larger sway bar setup BBS 13" Magnesium wheels - 8.8 lbs each WITH tire! This car has been off the road, for almost three decades. It needs to be freshened up, before being exercised again. While I do have a title for it, the chassis has been pretty modified, and I wouldn't consider it to really be road legal again, but that is your call to make. The biggest issue is, there is a broken rocker arm. The previous owner was preparing to put the engine in "storage mode", as he referred to it, by taking all the rockers off the valve springs, to keep the tension off them. On cylinder 3, exhaust side, *when turning the engine over by hand*, the rocker arm broke, and he walked away, never to return to it again. I'd love to find this car a good home. Ideally, someone that would put it back on the track. It has a great history and a TON of neat parts. $20,000 USD. Located in Portland, Oregon, USA. Will happily help load it on a trailer, if the buyer makes any and all shipping arrangements. If not sold by December 1, 2018, I will start the part out (regretfully), but I would much, much rather get this car a proper home, as a whole; however, at this time, I will *not* be parting the car out. NOTE: Scheel/Mann seat, steering wheel, and "BMW" vanity plate NOT included with sale. Stock steering wheel will be included. PLEASE NO PRIVATE MESSAGES - EMAIL ONLY AT: e30austin at gmail dot com
  8. An update for those following... This item is SOLD, and it sold for full asking price. Thank you to the new owner!
  9. Going to bump this item periodically. Someone might want it eventually Austin
  10. Yes, same steering box, same person...what's your point? I'm confused, I guess.
  11. e30austin


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