• jgerock
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      Model: BMW 2002
      Year: 1971
      Manufactured Date: No value
      Original Color: Agave
      Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
      Current Color: Agave
      Current Owner: jgerock
      Location: Alexandria, 22310
      Last Sold: No value
      No Longer Around

    Car was free from owner in Clifton, VA. Car had heavy front end damage that bent the frame rails, cowl, inner fenders and windshield surround. Believe the PO lived in Washington, DC based on the stickers and some receipts I found.  I removed lots of parts and then cut it up for scrap metal with the assistance of MLytle.


    Many parts from this car ended up in/on other cars.  Sadly, the engine was too far gone to save.


    I still have the VIN tag, steering column cover, hood roundel,rear 2002 badge and distributor.






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