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  • 2534320
    Model: BMW 2002
    Year: 1973
    Manufactured Date: 05/07/1973
    Original Color: Golf
    Transmission: Automatic
    Current Color: Agave
    Last Sold: 12/02/2019

    Legal delivery to: Hoffman Motors Corp (domiciled in New York City) on May 10, 1973

    This car was sold as a shell in Rochester, New York, in late 1988. It was color-changed to Agave and acquired the mechanicals from VIN 2588828, the window sticker for which car is included below. VIN 2534320, titled, however, under the VIN of its mechanicals, is more fully discussed in the following thread:


    The car was sold on Bring a Trailer on December 2, 2019, a sale that failed to close.

    Thank you for your email.
    The BMW 2002 Automatic US VIN 2534320 was manufactured on May 07th, 1973 and delivered on May 10th, 1973 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Golf, paint code 070.
    The engine number was identical to the VIN. 
    We hope this information is helpful for you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Julia Oberndörfer










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