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    Model: BMW 1600-2
    Year: 1970
    Manufactured Date: 09/16/1969
    Original Color: Nevada
    Sunroof: Standard
    Transmission: 5 Speed Dogleg
    Current Color: Bronzit
    Current Owner: Preyupy
    Location: Issaquah, Washington, 98027
    Last Sold: 12/14/1974

    5afcabfe7d85d_2014atAlki1.thumb.JPG.e9a1a0a65202a4a8cc06d3619e19d1e9.JPGNot a 1600 any longer.  2 liter, EFI, ITB, Dry sump, 245/10 CR 5 speed, 75% Alpine Limited slip, Bilstein Gp2 Green dot struts, Ventilated Tii/Turbo front brakes, rear disc brakes, Steel flairs, 7x15" wheels.  4 headlights


    Preyupy engine.JPG



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