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  1. Looking for a brake master cylinder, tii preferred, if in good working condition. Thanks! Sean
  2. My 2002, still in it's infancy. Thought you might enjoy this crappy phone video taken before heading to the O2 drive today. It's, um, fairly loud. Cheers, Sean [/img]
  3. Thought you guys might enjoy this video of my 2002's first run in nearly a decade. Bought her as a student - black smoke uphill and white smoke downhill - and have since completed the world's slowest engine rebuild. Here, at last, is the beginning of the end of that rebuild. Brakes were at about 10%, there was no exhaust past the header, no velocity stacks, no tach or speedo, no brains in the driver, engine was over heating, oh, and no hood, but shit, it ran! My heartfelt thanks goes to Seattle's Cohesive Garage http://www.cohesivegarage.com/ and Midnight Motorsport http://www.midnightmotorsport.com/ who took mercy on a hack mechanic in way over his head and helped me make this little beast make some fire. Now the real project begins, eh? Cheers! Sean
  4. Yep, you can do it. Especially if you don't need to drive the car every day and can afford some learning time. These things are tricky, but very learnable, and there is tons of info available for free on the interwebs, much of it pretty good actually. I say, put in effort and go for it. I have been in a similar situation as you and have noticed that, learning as I go, it takes about 5 times to get it right, but from then on, I really understand what's going on. Good luck! Sean
  5. Wonderful. Thanks much for the great advice. Part ordered. Hate it when I get hung up on the smallest parts possible. Thanks! Sean
  6. The small cylindrical object sitting on the lower part of the head. Anyone know what to call this thingy and how many of them I need? It fits in three of the head bolt holes where the head meets the block. Since I only have one, yet it fits in three places, I am assuming that I am missing two. Any advice on this? I'm wondering what it is called so i can order it if necessary. Thanks in advance! Sean
  7. Toby, do you have a shop in the Seattle area? Sean
  8. Well, last night I drained all the oil and saw thick green lines of coolant. That most likely says that coolant is filing up the cylinder. Head will come off this weekend for a true inspection. Thanks for the help all! Sean
  9. Well, the head is not 'fully' seated as this engine has never actually been turned on and warmed up yet. So the head bolts haven't rec'd a final torquing. But like you said, this is no small leak, and it happened within a couple minutes. So this more like a pour. Even if the head gasket isn't on right, it will have to be REALLY messed up. I'm no great mechanic (case and point), but I'm not typically that bad. Of course, I'm not ruling that out either. I sincerely pray that this is just an idiot gasket installment. I'll also look into whether this might be a bad valve issue. I also like the idea that there might be a crack that is expanding under pressure. But like suggested, tonight I've got to pull this thing off and completely drain it. So much for getting it started this summer.
  10. Nope. Well, I do now anyways. ;-) Sean
  11. So I attached the coolant lines and filled it up with coolant for the first time on the new engine yesterday, and this happened, Not two minutes later coolant came leaking out of the carb for cylinder #3. Not good. Sigh. Next step? Advice and thoughts appreciated. Some info that might be related: Block is from the original car. Slightly over-bored and decked by a reputable shop here in Seattle. Assembled by a reputable mechanic as well. Head is an e12 found on ebay. Came 'profesionally rebuilt', but it wasn't the best of transactions and I am now very dubious about it - thinking it might be the culprit. I'm hoping it will be a simple gasket leak, but I know my chances of that. Hope it's the head over the block. Dang - that's how I feel, just 'dang'. Sean
  12. Yeah, those are 45mm DCOE Webers. Pretty old, so I'm a bit worried about them. I'm also concerned about that inlet in the top right. Is that something that needs to be covered? What is that anyway? Some sort of idle or cold start inlet? It's dangerous when I start thinking . . . Sean
  13. I'm on the hunt for some short air horn/velocity stacks and I was wondering if anyone had used this vendor before: http://www.truechoice.com/prodinfo.asp?number=PIP%20W4545S I'm interested in these because they have the small bolt holes on the side, which my cards have as well (picture below). But, hey, do I need to bolt these in? I noticed that a lot of stacks just slide in. My question: is that an option I have as well? Do I have to bolt these things in? Cheers! Sean
  14. I live right off Stoneway actually. That hardware store has the best collection of nuts and bolts anywhere. Cheers! Sean
  15. Agreed. Just took a Civic with ITBs around the local track here. Hondas sound great in general, but this one was just epic. Also, I have seen some ITBs coming out of China these days that are competitively priced and much higher quality than they used to be. Sean
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