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  1. I discovered I don't have working wipers, so I'm not going to be able to join the caravan. I think I'll meet you all in Asheville with my daily driver.
  2. Congratulations! That looks like a much better car. Let's see...according to Google Maps that's only a 35 hour road trip to bring it home...
  3. alwayswantedone, sorry we're not giving you good news on this car. I think there are enough 02s in the MD/VA area that more should crop up. Are you specifically looking for a tii or would a regular 2002 be OK, too? Carbureted cars are easier to find. I recommend trying to meet up with a local 02 owner to go over what to look for and get a feel for how they sound and ride. If you can get comfortable with the car then you could consider flying somewhere to buy a car and drive it back. That's what I did with my Bavaria--I flew to Atlanta with a check prepared to fly back if I didn't like it when I finally saw it in person. (Pro tip: Atlanta is a *long* drive from here on old stock seats!)
  4. Somehow I missed the link to the ad posted earlier. I agree with 02MANYBIMMERS that this car is overpriced for its condition.
  5. Rust is the key, especially if you're looking for long-term ownership. tii-specific parts can be expensive, but they rarely go bad. If the timing works out, I'd be happy to go on a test drive with you to help look at the car. I know the usual rust-prone areas and can tell if the engine runs like a tii should.
  6. I can't really add more than what John and Marshall said, but I'm not far from you (Ellicott City). I have a Bavaria now, but I used to own a tii.
  7. Unfortunately, I can't go this year. My son is graduating from college that weekend.
  8. I did the Euro vent setup and never noticed any gas fumes in the garage, but I still would be a little worried with an open flame nearby.
  9. Or sometimes you are seeing better but you've blinded everyone else on the road. HID and LED headlights are far superior ***when they are in a housing and lens designed for them***. I'm not sure such a thing exists for our cars.
  10. Apparently BMW learned their lesson on this one: the valve went bad in my 228, too, but they can replace just the spring on the newer cars (the dealer commented on how they used to have to replace mufflers for that). I had multiple problems with my E90, but that bad muffler valve spring is the only thing that has gone wrong in the 3 years I've had my 2 Series.
  11. I hate it when places do that. My Bavaria currently has an almost-new rear muffler welded directly the the rotting center resonator. Now I get to pay almost twice as much because I'm not willing to do it incorrectly. Grrr...
  12. Have you checked the fuel flow and pressure when the car is completely cold? It seems like you've ruled out everything in the ignition system, so a recalcitrant fuel pump is all I can come up with. Or a stuck open fuel pressure valve, but I don't see how that would stick open only when ice cold.
  13. That was my thought, too, but the gas cap on my Bavaria (that looks just like the cap pictured above) is marked "ohne Lüftung." It seems like a gas cap should vent (on a pre-emissions car, anyway), but definitely not an oil cap.
  14. Is the engine the only thing in the body right now? If so, the engine (which does add weight up high and to the right) has disproportionately more effect than normal. If you have the things that sit on the left (battery, spare tire, steering and brake parts) handy, what happens if you just set them in place?
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