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  1. Thank you but I actually got one. Realized I updated it in the comments but not the original post. Thanks!
  2. Still looking for: Lower dash panels Clip to hold the chrome cap on drivers armrest
  3. Hard not to laugh haha. But hey! If it works, it works!
  4. Thank you! Good to know. I actually was planning to take apart and the tail lights, polish them a little and then paint the reflectors. I’ve heard some people actually prefer to paint them white as some say it’s brighter but who knows. I’ll do silver as I see many do it in that color as well. But thanks for the tips!
  5. Hello, I’ve been looking to replace the bulbs throughout my 73 02 including headlights, dash, turn signals, tail lights. I was wondering what where you buy yours and which ones do you prefer. Do you get the original bulbs or do people prefer brighter leds. I’m looking for plug and play ones not requiring any additional wiring. 1- headlights What bulbs and which you prefer? 2- turn signals What bulbs and which you prefer? 3- dash What bulbs and which you prefer? 4- tail lights What bulbs and which you prefer? I know some some people buy them from amazon and eBay so I’m happy to hear those options as well. I’m sure this could be helpful to others as well as Ive seen a lot of older topics but some of those links are outdated and or those bulbs are no longer being carried. Thanks all!!
  6. Still looking for the -lower dash panels -lighter -I need a clip to hold the chrome cap on the driver armrest
  7. This is what I’m referring to as lighter plug. Mine just was broken.
  8. Maybe missing something on the passenger side as well however I’m not sure what it originally looked like.
  9. I’m not sure what the original section looked like that covered the steering column and sides. I’m not sure if I’m looking for one piece or multiple pieces.
  10. Hello, looking for a few pieces for my 73 bmw 2002. Not expecting to buy from only one person but need that person to be able to ship unless you’re somewhere in Maryland. Items needed: updated -Saddle drive arm rest in good condition and or just the clip that holds the chrome cap. -lower dash panels Please pm if you have any with price and shipping to Maryland 20852. Thank you all!
  11. Please pm with price with shipping 20852. I can’t seem to pm you.
  12. Thank you for the correction. I didn’t know to be honest.
  13. 1973 bmw 2002. Looking to replace the ripped portion of the front drivers seat and the rear bottom half of the seat. I just need the vinyl not the actual seat/cushion. If anyone has it and looking to sell, please pm me with the price. Thank you!
  14. Haha thank you! Now I just need to finish getting the calipers on and bleeding the lines. I need that 50 degree weather. Hopefully next week 👌

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