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  1. well it’ll be coming from the battery. There is a relay that will be there. I just need a ignition source so it doesn’t drain the battery.
  2. is that 12v ignition source that is unused? If so, I will use that for the compressor as my car will be on an air suspension. Was there a reason you decided to redo it and go a different route?
  3. yeah well that’s why I wasn’t sure where else it would be grounded haha. thank you! I just wasn’t sure if that necessarily the right way. But I guess you’re right, if it works, it works haha.
  4. Hello, this is my first time trying to wire up a stereo. Currently the stereo in there works fine but the wiring is a mess. (Dont know who did it) regardless it appears that it chained into the hazard switch and I’m not even sure if the current unit is grounded. All I see if the antenna hooked up, one wire to red/white wire of the hazard switch and one wire hooked up to the purple/white wire of the hazard switch. It works on ignition as well as when it’s started. I’m installing to a double din jvc unit and I’m not sure if I need fuses. (Maybe a stupid question but I want to do it the right way) would you advise against the current wiring? Everything seems to work well. anyone know what the red,white wire is and what the purple wire are? Not sure what the black wire is as it’s not connected, thought it was the ground but everything still works. The wiring diagram is hard to read in the blue manual book. So it might be easier to ask someone.
  5. Hey all, I just want to make sure I’m getting this right before I spend money welding another strut. I have two struts that are welded for an air ride suspension but their spindles are different. They’re both interchangeable correct? just one is from a earlier year. But I don’t need to have them match, do I? Thanks all!
  6. Hello, yes this ad is up again. Looking for two strut housings with useable clean spindles. Really hope someone can help out here! Thanks as always! Located in Maryland 20852 and or can pay for the shipping. Background: unfortunately things did not go well with the original struts I was able to get from a member on here. The welder completely ruined them and failed to listen to directions. Truly upsetting as I have gone to him before but this time around he completely dropped the ball. I was welding an air ride suspension strut on the originally knuckle hub and one strut he did well but the other one he randomly cut something off since he said it was in his way (without asking me) (yet the first one he did correctly) then he tried a second time and it was skewed and then he tried to fix it a third time and made it shorter then the first strut and skewed again. Never been so upset/disappointed but regardless I have to keep moving forward.
  7. It’s just bc the offset is 13. Typically offset is 25 for 15x7. It would also work at stock height but not if you’re super low.
  8. Unfortunately I decided to go a different route with my car and no longer doing flares with my 2002. Im letting go my brand new refinished set of 15x7 et13 BBS mahle with a new set of toyos (195/45/15). These are a rare set with the mahle stamped on the rim if you’re familiar with these wheels. These wheels have small indents from when I got the tires mounted as I just want to be transparent ahead of time. Otherwise they’re stunning! These were refinished by Frank. They were powder coated and the lip is polished. Comes with genuine center metal caps and I have a set of plastic ones as well without the logo If you have any questions; don’t hesitate to pm me. The set has tires already mounted and balanced. Perfect for someone with flares and or willing to roll the fenders. Not willing to ship. So must be able to pick up. Rockville MD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  9. Yeah for a valve adjustment. Thank you will do it that way than.
  10. understood. What would be the ideal way to do it that would not cause strain?
  11. Looking to see if someone has one and or knows where I can buy one. Thank you!
  12. good to know. But csb preload was last correct?
  13. So I just finished installing a new short shifter, e21 trans mount and now putting the new flex disk back in. I couldn’t find exact instructions on the manual online so need some advice. Does the center support bearing need grease if I’m reusing the one on there. Step 1) tighten the guibo to the trans first? Is there a torque value? Step 2) put the driveshaft in and bolt it against the diff and the new guibo. does it matter what is tightened first? step 3) pre load the center support bearing? pushing It 2mm towards the transmission and tightening it down? finished? I just would rather do it right then me make a silly mistake. Side note, Having to retrofit a short shifter to a Getrag 240 was a mission haha.
  14. Sorry but what does brown bolt heads mean? is that a type of bolt and or a process so they turn brown?
  15. good to know. I wonder if people put this on painted subframes as added protection. But thank you! I’m assuming it doesn’t affect the use of loctite?
  16. Good to know as well. Is there a sizing info somewhere to know what size for what item on the car?
  17. Ok, I’ll look into it. Thank you!! Do you heat the bolts first? Does that affect the use of loctite?
  18. Thanks Fred! Would clear coat affect the threads? As far when tightening the nuts onto the bolts. Thanks as always! If I was restoring everything at once, I would definitely get all the bolts just zinc coated at once but since that’s not the case, I’m looking at options at home. Would clear coat affect the threads such as when tightening the nuts onto the bolts since clear I’m assuming would change the thickness of the threads. Maybe not.
  19. Any way of reusing/refinishing bolts without getting them plated? I just don’t want them to rust after using a wire wheel to clean them up but I’m not sure if I do blackening method with some oil will that affect the integrity of the bolt and or affect the loctite used to hold the nut. I’m currently doing the flex disk, trans mount, csb, shifter and while some of those things are out, I’m also painting the softer brackets and would like to find a way to clean up the bolts but makes sure they don’t rust again. I am using new self locking nuts for the guibo though.
  20. Currently replacing the flex disk, center support bearing, transmission mount and decided I’ll rebuild the shifter. Question 1: I can’t get the shifter out of the car for my life bc of the stupid Allen bolt is. I doubt it has ever been touched but I have heated it and used pb blaster but just can’t seem to loosen. Any ideas? Question 2: Am I missing a bolt on my shifter rod where in the photo is circled? Is it a dowel pin because there isn’t anything there yet it looks like there is a thread so something use to be there I’m assuming. thanks all!
  21. Anyone have a saddle brown bottom drivers seat, lower rear seat, door panels and or front bumper brackets (not sure the year I need but I think it’s 71 and earlier. Bumper I have is from a 69 I believe). Pm me please if you have any items. Looking for no rips. Thanks all! 73 2002
  22. I have a 73 2002. Looking for front strut housings set. Don’t need shocks or springs. No idea the going rate is. PM if anyone has a set and willing to ship and or near 20852. hoping to find something in the 100 dollar price point. I only need good condition knuckles with some tubing above. If not, I’m not in a rush. Thanks all
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