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  1. Also forgot to mention it does have the original fuel injector. My plan for the car is a long term project. I have a 2002 Audi for my daily driver so wanted something I can work on without worrying about screwing stuff up (which is a high % but that’s the best way to learn in my opinion) and be left with no car to drive. Love BMW and love the 2002 model. But I think I got carried away and let seeing a 2002 tii in person really mess with my judgement. The more a actually think about it the more I realize this particular one isnt for me. Can’t thank you all enough for the valuable info! Looks like my search for the right 2002 continues
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone! The owner did say Peter Salzmann has tuned the engine. And you’d be correct about me being nervous. I have no idea what I’m doing and my only knowledge is google searches. Sorry for the repost(s) about similar info but $7000 alot for me and this has been the only website where I can seem to get reliable info and opinions. I do not have any background with cars nor do I know anyone who does. I’ve been trying to learn myself. Again, appreciate the advice! I need to sit and reflect a little more as I was getting excited which might have clouded my vision a little.
  3. Hey everyone, Everyone’s been so helpful on this sight so far I’d thought I’d ask your opinions one last time before I make a purchase. I uploaded all pictures of the vehicle I have, sorry I know they’re not the greatest. Also, no engine pictures but I did go to test drive it. Engine seemed to start fine and ran good from what I could tell, which isn’t much to be honest. Didn’t see any leaks. It didn’t have an exhaust which made it so ridiculously loud I couldn’t hear what was going on with the engine too much. Especially while driving. Checked the vin’s and all 3 started with 278 which I read is an indicator of a tii. But that’s all I really knew to do. Also, didn’t see too much rust anywhere to worry me. Seller would accept $7000. Should also mention I wanted a little bit of a restoration car so I could further my knowledge of cars and learn how to do work on them myself. Sorry for the long post. Just looking for general thoughts or alarming issues I might have missed. Thank you, Chad
  4. Sounds like stock exhaust is the way to go, thank you. I’d prefer reliability over anything when restoring this car. Talking to Paul seems to be a good idea as well?
  5. Hello everyone, If everything goes according to plan I’ll be the owner of a 1974 BMW 2002 tii tomorrow night. One issue with the car is that the exhaust is gone, completely. I’ll admit that my knowledge of BMW (or cars in general for that matter) is extremely low. Which is why a wanted a car that would be a restoration project in order to learn as much as I can. With all that said, I have absolutely no idea how to go about choosing the right exhaust. I know I want something that’s going to help my car performance wise while also having a “cool” sound but it’s over the top. Guess I should also say my budget is anywhere around $300-$700 (with some flexibility because I honestly have no idea if that’s enough for a solid exhaust system).
  6. Thank you both so much for the quick reply. Both responses were very insightful. I’m buying for myself to restore and don’t mind the fender flares. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something that would significantly decrease the originality/value of the car. It was the first time I’d seen those exact ones so just became a little skeptical about them. I feel a lot better now though. Again, thank you.
  7. Hi all, looking to buy my first BMW. I went to look at a 1974 2002 tii and everything seemed to be in order. However, this was one of the very few I’ve seen with fender flares (I uploaded a picture below). I guess my question is are these styles more or less desirable than the normal body style? Is there anything different I should check for when pertaining to this type of fender flares before I purchase? Edit: I upload all the pictures I have. If anyone has any general thoughts about this vehicle it would be much appreciated. Engine did start and seemed to run fine with no leaks that I could find. Seller would accept $7000 Thanks, Chad
  8. Ah right, sorry about that. Thank you for the information, much appreciated!
  9. I’ll start by saying I’m an amateur when it comes to BMW knowledge. I’m looking to buy my first BMW, it’s a 1974 BMW 2002tii. I found one I’d like to purchase but I had a question about the fenders that threw me off. I have checked out the car and the vin # starts with 278 with leads me to believe it’s original. However, I have never seen fenders like this on any of the other 2002 I’ve looked at. I uploaded a picture down below. If anyone knows anything about them any advice or information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Chad
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