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  1. Definitely check getting the trailer locally and bringing it with you and back, that's always cheaper when I look and that's how I've done it when renting from uhaul. Tires are risky, even if they look fine they can be critically damaged just from aging and how badly they've aged can be different place to place tire to tire. I think six years was the point at which many tires started having significant sooner failures while gradually increasing the load on the tire in laboratory tests. And do you know while sitting if the tire sat deflated for any period of time? That can also damage the structure.
  2. Whether they knew it or not, BMW was one of many western companies who had things made in factories using Uighur prisoner labor, who were imprisoned for having an ethnicity that is not chinese enough. For crimes such as: Owning a tent, a compass, extra food inviting more than 5 people to your house without telling the police sending a petition complaning about officials not letting officials take your dna not letting officials scan your irises not letting officials download your phone contents speaking with someone abroad over the internet having whatsapp not attending a mandatory flag raising ceremony speaking the uighur language in school or at work acting sad when your parents die etc. etc. “Under conditions that strongly suggest forced labor, Uighurs are working in factories that are in the supply chains of at least 83 well-known global brands in the technology, clothing and automotive sectors, including Apple, BMW, Gap, Huawei, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Volkswagen,” Not to mention that while in prison they're raped, beaten, sterilized, etc. I also try not to buy things made in China, not because of quality, I'll gladly buy something made in Taiwan. But because the chinese government has the power to ignore human rights because we'll keep giving them our money regardless. And the Uighurs are only the most recent group we know of who has suffered this treatment. Look up the persecution of the Falun Gong as well, and how prisoners are kept alive just until their organs are needed to be transplanted. " Ethan Gutmann estimates 65,000 Falun Gong practitioners were killed for their organs from 2000 to 2008"
  3. Man, this was anticlimactic. I got tired of watching so many youtube videos and I was hoping for some real exciting drama.
  4. If the 24 year old wasn't on the policy i think it was going to be close to $200 yearly, maybe a little under.
  5. Interesting that Hagerty wouldn't insure you because you wanted to drive whenever. I didn't check with chubb, but for me with Hagerty it's about $350 a year for my tii, at $35k, including with a 24 year old as one of the primary drivers. I think I also estimated about 2000 miles per year, but in North Carolina I don't think the law actually allows a limit on mileage with insurance if I go over. But I do think 2000 miles is realistic. And on the application I had occasional daily driver and driving whenever as stated uses. But now I'm remembering that we have some of the lowest car insurance rates in the country here in North Carolina, and it makes a little more sense.
  6. I dunno man, it doesn't look great. $3500? Considering the low quality of the way the seats were redone, and how a bunch of bad stuff was left bad. I'd be concerned about the quality of the respray. Seems like a possible quick and cheap respray and redo seats and flip. Personally I wouldn't even bother looking at that one, there's got to be better deals in the $15k area. Even on bring a trailer I think theres better deals.
  7. On a low/ "no" rust car, I find that if the sound deadening is stuck solidly to the metal, there won't be any rust underneath. but if you can break off pieces where it's not stuck, like behind the back seat when the sound deadening covers a low point between two high points. That spot where its not stuck, and air and water are coming in and out, spots like that could be hiding rust.
  8. Slavs, I also am a person who would not like to associate with a Nazi organization, obviously because of the atrocities they commited. If that is also the type of thing which makes you not want to associate with them, I would encourage you to read deeper into the actions of the Soviet Union especially up until the death of Stalin. Because I recall you posting something about Soviet Union aircraft, in a way that I infer you would not post about Nazi military equipment. Some good books are "The Gulag Archipelago" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn for a very factual read. Or for more personal accounts "Let Our Fame Be Great" by Oliver Bullough is good as well. It contains a section with multiple stories from the period directly after WW2 in the Caucasus region, where forced deportations to labor camps of certain ethnicities caused death rates of 70% of the children of some entire republics. If you can read Russian and are interested I could make many more suggestions as well.
  9. Assuming you mean the piece that covers where the two ends of the lock strip in the gasket meet, at the bottom of the windshield. It's been a while so I don't remember exactly, but I think while installing the lock strip I had the "clip" put on over the end as I pushed the final part of the lock strip into the gasket, then I tapped the "clip" so it slid over across and covered both ends of the lock strip.
  10. I just put another car over yours, and it looks to me like its just the flare, the wheel center, and the bottom corners of the wheel arch matches.
  11. Disagree, they could've driven just as fast and accelerated just as hard without having to go in the oncoming lane, especially when they passed that car over the double yellow line right before arriving at a blind corner. Unless you tell me that's actually a private road that was being driven on then do whatever you want. But on a public road I disapprove just as much with this as when its a leased Dodge Charger. You're not Walter Rohrl and its not the Monte Carlo.
  12. My preferred way to search is to go to google or duckduckgo or whatever search engine you prefer, and type site:bmw2002faq.com and then whatever you want to search. In this case I would search, site:bmw2002faq.com m20 swap.
  13. In my experience yes, idling for a while will get the plugs all sooted up.
  14. I keep a home depot fire extinguisher in car similar to that one but I think bigger , type BC with sodium bicarbonate as the extinguishing agent. When heated, sodium bicarbonate makes water, sodium carbonate(Washing Soda), and CO2 gas which is the fire extinguishing part so its theoretically relatively harmless in terms of corrosion. But I agree with many others on the main point, if its a big fire let it burn.
  15. At least in Germany this is probably because of their strict rules about car modification, when you change the wheels on your 1600, you would want a copy of the certificate from Ronal who paid to have them Abe or tuv approved for your model of car. Without that certificate it would not be easy to pass inspection.
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