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  1. License lights are available also.
  2. Bought the car for some parts needed for my restoration project. Many good parts left. Please send me a massage with what you need and location, I will reply with pictures of the part, price, and shipping cost. Accepting only business transactions on pay-pal, so please include fees. Thanks. EXTERIOR PANELS Good Doors Good Trunk lid Good Fenders Good Sunroof Panel Good Quarter Panels Good Frame Rails TRIMS Good Belt Trims Lower Trims (x6) Rocker Trims (x2) Rear Tail Trim Kidney Grill Driver & Passenger Grills Front & Rear bumpers with all mounting hardware Front Headlights & buckets Rear Tailights Front US turn signals Windshield Wiper Arms Steels wheels with new tires Hubcaps Hood bar Driver & Passenger Mirror (baby tornados) Door Handles Driver and Passenger door stops MECHANICAL Engine Transmission Pedal Box Front Sub-frame Rear Sub-frame Driveshaft Muffler Gas Tank Heater Box Cluster Brake Booster Exhaust Manifold Radiator Wiper Stalk Turn Stalk Wiring Harness Steering Box Steering Column Weber Carb (32/36) Fuse Box INTERIOR Front Seats (Tobacco) Rear Bench (Tobacco) Rear Door Cards (Tobacco) Front Door Cards (Tobacco) no speaker holes 2pc Dash Driver Armrest Passenger Armrest Center Console Headliner Foams Sunroof Track Rear Window Latch Rear View Mirror Door Knobs (x6) Bus Wheel Seat Belts Seat Rails GLASS Front Windshield Driver Door Glass Passenger Door Glass Driver Quarter Glass Passenger Quarter Glass Rear Glass

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