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  1. Bought the car for some parts needed for my restoration project. Many good parts left. Please send me a massage with what you need and location, I will reply with pictures of the part, price, and shipping cost. Accepting only business transactions on pay-pal, so please include fees. Thanks. EXTERIOR PANELS Good Doors Good Trunk lid Good Fenders Good Sunroof Panel Good Quarter Panels Good Frame Rails TRIMS Good Belt Trims Lower Trims (x6) Rocker Trims (x2) Rear Tail Trim Kidney Grill Driver & Passenger Grills Front & Rear bumpers with all mounting hardware Front Headlights & buckets Rear Tailights Front US turn signals Windshield Wiper Arms Steels wheels with new tires Hubcaps Hood bar Driver & Passenger Mirror (baby tornados) Door Handles Driver and Passenger door stops MECHANICAL Engine Transmission Pedal Box Front Sub-frame Rear Sub-frame Driveshaft Muffler Gas Tank Heater Box Cluster Brake Booster Exhaust Manifold Radiator Wiper Stalk Turn Stalk Wiring Harness Steering Box Steering Column Weber Carb (32/36) Fuse Box INTERIOR Front Seats (Tobacco) Rear Bench (Tobacco) Rear Door Cards (Tobacco) Front Door Cards (Tobacco) no speaker holes 2pc Dash Driver Armrest Passenger Armrest Center Console Headliner Foams Sunroof Track Rear Window Latch Rear View Mirror Door Knobs (x6) Bus Wheel Seat Belts Seat Rails GLASS Front Windshield Driver Door Glass Passenger Door Glass Driver Quarter Glass Passenger Quarter Glass Rear Glass
  2. Recent Update: After such a prolonged advertisement of the most well known mirror sold on faq in 2018, I’ve decided to auction it off to the highest bidder. You will too get a chance to hold the highly famous mirror in your hands just like Erik did. Bidding will start at $16 respectively. Part of the bids will be given to Erik so he can finally get it shipped out to you. As always everyone goodluck. 😎
  3. I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention. Do not deal with this member. He’s hurt my feelings and won’t fork up the $16. I’m devastated.
  4. Since this is getting hot, anyone that comments from now on. Must donate $1 towards the outrageous shipping cost of $16 that ruined mine and Erik’s friendship.
  5. Esty be careful! You might cause another problem. We might need to setup another go fund me for the cost of him to send it to you, so you can send it to me.
  6. He’s wasting his time on working on getting that hard head cracked. 🥚
  7. Erik stop with your lies!!! You and I both came to the conclusion that a new mirror is $224 with the shipping. So don’t claim it’s $150 now. Also don’t tell me you pay $40k in PayPal fees, I would have believed that, because I don’t know you personally. But a penny pincher like you does not sell $1,350,000 of parts a year thru paypal a year, for you to pay 40k in fees. Especially after you threw the remark “the fees are on your end buddy” you would die 40,000k times before you accept paying 40k in fees. Cut the crap and see if you put a screw in the mirror to mount it. If not I’ll gladly take it back! Pay the shipping like a millionaire that you are.
  8. Resra that is nice of you. What’s not nice of this buyer “Erik D_lux” is when I asked if he can send friends and family to avoid paying fees, or if he can send a “couple of dollars” more to compensate for the fees. His reply was “sorry buddy fees on your end”. Regardless of him penny pinching me from the start, I still agreed to send the mirror to him knowing I would be responsible for paying 1. Shipping 2. PayPal fees 3. Packaging material to protect glass. I went ahead with the sale, thinking it’s going to help a frugle member out. Despite all of that, I still replied right away I would give his refund, just to send the mirror back, because I know it’s good. He wants to be “Mr. I’m right no matter what” and impose even more fees on me. What’s the matter with people? As they say, treat others, as you would like to be treated. I hate this kind of confrontation, but I will not keep my mouth shut, if I’m being wrongfully accused.
  9. In my defense: I sold the mirror to him for $100 shipping on my end. I’ve already spent money to ship, pack. I don’t think it’s fair that I’m expected to pay for shipping because it isn’t to his liking. As far as the missing hardware, it’s the plate that goes on the door itself that I forgot to send, which I offered to send. He refused right away that he doesn’t want to deal with the mirror and wants his refund. I told him right away he can have his refund, not a problem. It’s only fair he sends it back. He’s trying to be a wise guy and dictate the situation all in his favor. The mirror glass and chrome are in very good shape. Let me know what you guys think. To me it’s not about the money, more about the principle. After I took the effort to pack, ship on my own expense, the least he can do is send it back. I just might be wrong, who knows.
  10. Hey Guys, New to the group. I was wondering, if I sell a part to another member, and that member doesn’t like the part they received. I’ve already paid to get it shipped there, and spent money on packaging also time to package it. Who pays the return shipping? Thanks
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