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  1. jedm3

    Frame rail CAD file

    was emailing with Alex If you are in need, might want to check with him. Would be nice if they can get them into production. I was able to find a LH rail but they are few and far between.
  2. jedm3

    Frame rail CAD file

    Per conversation, I believe restoration design is in process of developing replacement frame rails. Cheers, John
  3. jedm3

    Dapper Lighting headlights install (v2’s)

    I really like the look of this product and will prob also be going in this direction for lighting. Look forward to your progress and thoughts on how they work out!
  4. jedm3

    Wiring harness tape

    Tesa is the best. I used 2 different types when redoing wiring in my M3. The engine bay type is strong and not as flexible, there is another looser and softer type good in non-water areas where you just want to shield the wires or bundle them. Razor blade best for cutting it.
  5. I agree that with details finished that is a $20k+ car. Nicely executed and good foundation. GLWS!
  6. jedm3

    WTB-Trunk floor

    Yeah, hoping for an unused tripping hazard. Otherwise, will prob suck it up and get the 3 pc kit.
  7. jedm3

    WTB-Trunk floor

    Does anybody have an OEM trunk floor they would part with?
  8. jedm3


    I have purchased quite a bit from the over the past six months. Excellent to deal with and have some hard to find bits. Awesome packaging and shipping although not cheap is very quick. usually 3-4 days from shipment to delivery for me. Due to shipping costs, suggest making sure to get enough of an order to justify the cost.
  9. jedm3

    Ecu harness though the firewall

    I contacted them about pins and they indicated the housing came with solder type pins.
  10. jedm3

    Rims found

    Very Nice!
  11. jedm3

    PA/Delaware 02 shop?

    Mr. M Car in Farmingdale, NJ is an excellent BMW shop. Don Fields is owner. Very popular with the e30 M3 crew. Strongly recommended.
  12. FYI-I received a message from bimmerworld yesterday that bilstein has a large price increase coming mid-February in case you are considering purchase of bilsteins in the near future. Cheers, John
  13. Looks like you are making good progress with reconstruction! If it makes you feel any better, I am in similar position except that I need to replace Fand R floors and am trying to decide whether to remove quarter to allow full outer rocker replacement or cutting rocker in near the quarter seam. My L frame rail is bad under floor but ok in engine bay. I pulled my wing sheet and found a nest under wiring harness...scary. Planning to pull fuse block out to enable cleanup underneath. Anyway, I digress. Nice work and hope it continues well.
  14. jedm3

    Too many cars?

    Love this thread. 88 M3 70 2002 project 05 330 zhp vert wife car 03 excursion tow vehicle 18 chevy traverse(work car) really want to add a 911-996 but just cut down from 2 kids in college to 1. May take a while. When kids are home 08 mini clubman(I bought new) 07 x3 86 325e project in progress