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  1. jedm3


    Looks great! Original wiring that you cleaned up and removed extra bits from or replacement?
  2. jedm3

    45 hr and 58 min

    Very cool! Looks quite accurate. Could wrap with CF wrap or chrome tape. Interesting...
  3. I really like the look of this product and will prob also be going in this direction for lighting. Look forward to your progress and thoughts on how they work out!
  4. Looks like you are making good progress with reconstruction! If it makes you feel any better, I am in similar position except that I need to replace Fand R floors and am trying to decide whether to remove quarter to allow full outer rocker replacement or cutting rocker in near the quarter seam. My L frame rail is bad under floor but ok in engine bay. I pulled my wing sheet and found a nest under wiring harness...scary. Planning to pull fuse block out to enable cleanup underneath. Anyway, I digress. Nice work and hope it continues well.
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