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  1. Hello all, I have searched this forum up and down and have had some luck getting the fuel smell down a bit, but It still remains! When the windows are closed, there is NO smell of gas. I shoved some of those tree fresheners to verify that the smell was indeed coming from the trunk. I am getting the venturi effect in the car when driving down the road with the window ever so cracked. So..... I replaced the fuel sender o-ring (used silicone lube to make sure it was in there good) and the gasket by the filler neck. Upon inspection, I had found that the fuel sender never had the plastic bushing which is where some of the fumes are coming from. I also took the filler neck out and saw absolutely no cracks or anything, yet a gas smell is still coming from there. I noticed that the orange gasket that seats to the fuel cap was rotted/destroyed so I made a gasket from this rubber material from Lowes(I had seen someone who did this on this forum and it solved their problem, but I probably did it wrong - I will order a proper gasket because i still get a strong smell from there). I also have no idea where the vent line from the filler neck goes. If I have read correctly, it says that theres a rubber grommet that goes to the outside on the bottom of the trunk? I can't seem to find it. Does it go to the plastic canister that hangs from the top of the trunk? There is an open vent line that is just coming from...well I have no idea. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hey @halboyles do you still have any of those sender tube bushings around?
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