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  1. Well not low profile because I wanted to keep the "period" look. 185/60 on 15s. But they are Falkens and my experience with them is they have a pretty stiff sidewall. Doesn't feel like a tire thing. Response is very direct and it's predictable in hard corning. In every other aspect the car is a blast to drive.
  2. There is nothing "really wrong" it is just not up to what I want it to be. See photo for specs from manual (1st highlighted line). It is not discussed much here because on a stock car it is not adjustable. And if I had to bet I would say most people on here are playing with excessive toe in order to compensate for the fact that their caster is off.
  3. Just want to point out that my caster falls short of the stock setting which is 3.5 - 4.5 degrees.
  4. Everything is new, including a very good rebuilt steering box, all completely rebuilt from the ground up with new wheels and tires.
  5. At high Freeway speeds my car behaves a little like you would expect when there's insufficient caster, which now that I finished my 5 speed conversion has come in to focus. It is a little darty and has a slight tendency to wander. Although I have more adjustment available with Ground Control camber plates, they run out of room at the back of the strut tower and so I'm limited to only 3 degrees on both sides (at least I know my car is nice and straight). I would like to reach the 4.5 degree limit but I would settle for for a least 4. Has anyone solved this problem? I'm thinking of using a burr cutting tool to make a little space just for that rear plate locking screw on each side. Kind of like but not exactly like how I marked up in the pic. I've searched the caster subjects on here but they all end up being about camber. TIA.
  6. Looking for a flywheel cover plate if anyone has one.
  7. I kind of like it. The piece i need is damaged anyway so doubt anyone will want it.
  8. I only want the little shift surround with the ash tray, if you were willing to separate it from the rest of your AC system. That would be very generous. Let me know. I've removed the last of the AC equipment, which it seems, must have been installed by the California dealer who first sold my car in '74.
  9. No sh*t! Well I learned something new today. Thanks for posting, the hunt begins.
  10. Apologies if it is not actually "unique," however the center console of my car doesn't seem to resemble anything I can find on the OEM parts catalogues or searching here. There are a couple of plastic side panels with round air/heat vents, but what you see in the picture here is it. Can anyone help me out? I would like to find a replacement for the messed-up shifter surround that holds the little ash tray. TIA
  11. Thank you for caring lol. I've been soaking the bastards for days, and I believe you're right about someone previously using some kind of thread locker. Hearing you about starting with a smaller pilot hole. Was thinking of actually starting with a 10mm drill just enough to clean up the top of the stud and leave a nice tapered indent to center up the small pilot drill. Also, good call about heating before hitting with PB blaster. And heating before going the last mile and torquing on the extractor bit. Off to try to find a drill small enough to fit the space. Thanks again for the ideas!
  12. Just suffered this. grrrrr... no choice but drill and try an extractor. Appealing to the experts. From my local Harbor Freight to NAPA and everything in between, I'm not finding left hand drill bits. Questions: What size drill? My instinct is to go as big as possible. The best type of extractor? Am seeing left hand drill/extractors on line but not small enough. Any suggestions? Going to have to buy a new compact drill to get in there between the head and the wheel well. Thankfully only this one of the eight studs, but not a good day.
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