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  1. mjcari

    tii fuel line routing

    Thank you all, this is huge! I am sitting here at my son’s soccer tournament and all i want to do is go home and run those line. You all are a big help.
  2. Stephers has it right. I just did this and it is very simple. You can see it on realoem.
  3. Could someone please help me out and post a picture of the fuel line routing for a tii? I would love to see the lines coming in and out of the pump and accumulator, the top of the tank, and the hard line running under the car. I don’t have a single picture of this, and i took the car apart 15 years ago, and connect remember the details. thanks! mike
  4. mjcari

    1973 front seat tracks

    Thanks, I bought a set from a member here. Goodkarmech, thanks for offering.
  5. mjcari

    1973 front seat tracks

    Hey, I am working this restoration of my 1973 tii. I took the car apart 19 years ago, and I am finally getting to this. I have a problem. My original front seats were thrown away by the guy that was storing the car from me. (Not a problem, he let me keep it in his barn for free for 15 years.) I have recaros from a 320is and I need the seat tracks from the original seats, to mount the recaros in my car. Anyone got a set? thanks!
  6. This was a huge help. Thank you. I put them together and installed them on my car.
  7. please show a picture of the differences if you can!
  8. I had my two chrome tail light rings for my 73tii replated. What is the difference between the right and left? I don’t see any. Bmw shows 2 part numbers. I have new seals and lenses, but want to put them on correctly. Thanks
  9. mjcari

    1973 grill bracket help

    I bought it like 15 years ago for 67 dollars from bimmer parts co. I know they are pricey now. Its still in the package
  10. mjcari

    1973 grill bracket help

    Good advice. I happen to have a new in the box center grille.
  11. mjcari

    1973 grill bracket help

    I did see that thread. I replied to it and 3D printed those spacers on my formlabs printer. It has a nice picture of the bracket too. Thanks
  12. mjcari

    1973 grill bracket help

    Thank you, Halboyles!!! The internet is a great place!
  13. I am trying to put this 1973 tii back together and I do not have the brackets for my center grill. NLA from BMW. I'm looking for the metal brackets. Does anyone have one they can dimension so I can fab one up? thanks
  14. mjcari

    center grille question

    I just sent these to our formlabs printer. Thank you so much for making this digital model! I will try them out next week on the car. great job!
  15. mjcari

    WTB 73 rear bumper rubber strip

    Really? I didn't see them. I will call as I have an open order with you now.