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  1. I have them installed on my 73. I will try to get some pictures this weekend but, you cannot see them when installed.
  2. I have been searching a bunch and cannot find it. grill spacers? Grill clips? center grill?
  3. I printed these (number 4) on my Formlabs 3d printer. Fit great. No scratches on my paint. Look for the thread. It has the 3d STL file in it.
  4. Just an update for you all. I put in a claim with PayPal, and he didn't respond so I was refunded my money. Hopefully the rest of you can do the same. Mike
  5. So sorry. I'm out $100 as well. We all got burned by this guy
  6. I purchased a set of seat rails from him, and paid via PayPal. Never received a thing. Tried contacting via IM, no contact. Opened dispute with PayPal. Waiting for my money. Would love his contact info to get my money back! Super disappointing
  7. I am going to sew it up to reinforce it. My wife can do it for me!!!!
  8. I just bought one, but haven't installed it. Is this common? should we sew it to be sure its going to be fine?
  9. What are you guys using for the fuel line grommets for the line to and from the pump? P/N 16121108780 P/N 16121105890 Looks like the first one is available, but the second isn't. Other ideals? thanks Mike
  10. Is this the correct, factory setup for the return line, or does it go over the wheel well (not my image ... obviuosly)
  11. Thank you all, this is huge! I am sitting here at my son’s soccer tournament and all i want to do is go home and run those line. You all are a big help.
  12. Stephers has it right. I just did this and it is very simple. You can see it on realoem.
  13. Could someone please help me out and post a picture of the fuel line routing for a tii? I would love to see the lines coming in and out of the pump and accumulator, the top of the tank, and the hard line running under the car. I don’t have a single picture of this, and i took the car apart 15 years ago, and connect remember the details. thanks! mike
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