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  1. I will absolutely be at the vintage next year. Followed by a trip to sunny point cafe for some shrimp and grits. Mmmmm
  2. thanks jason. i'm quite far from those final details at the moment. but i'm with ya, i hate seeing the clamps too... its all in the mock up stage right now my friend. this is just the tip of the iceberg for this car... one of these days i'll post up some of my other builds; you'll only then understand how i roll lol
  3. Thanks mike. And likewise if you need anything either. I’m in the process of selling my shop in Florida so needless to say I’m new to the area although we’ve been coming here for about 12 years. I am hunting down some brake parts so if ya got anything laying around ilI need a servo pretty soon. Looking kind of rough, thinking about changing that setup to something different. My email is [email protected] Definitely put me on the list 👍👍
  4. Thanks. I’d say my only complaint is steering is a bit stiffer at lower speeds with the larger wheels but that’s a give in. Not like I’m trying to hit up the grocery store with this thing.
  5. It’s been a few months since I did the wheels so I don’t remember BUT that actually sounds right lol
  6. No I did not have to. Corsa made some changes on his design where as the first run on those wheels ( from what I understand ) you would’ve had to roll the fenders. I chose a little skinnier tire too so I didn’t have to worry as much about it either. 👍.
  7. Hey there, Long time lurker. Been working on my 02 for about a year or so off and on. Finally painted it this week. No, it’s not a factory color but very close to the original tone with the exception of pearl (red pearl and copper pearl). Ppg base coat and spi clearcoat. when I build my cars they’re for me and no one else. Since I live near blue ridge parkway I’ll be setting it up to be a very functional road car, primitive but pretty and not original (sorry purists).
  8. i'm guessing it is not, but is this still available?
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