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  1. yup, that's the one. I found it on amazon, actually. yes, i have the haynes manual, and am following the re-assembly procedure in there. i'm in no rush, and definitely wanna try to do it once, and right.
  2. oh, i'd feel much better with a new washer there. even with the aforementioned BMW part #, I'm not having an easy time finding it for sale on a site; i'll keep looking.
  3. thanks-my block came back from the machine shop with it removed.
  4. Thanks. Yea, I was surprised that the washer wasnt in any of my gasket kits. (loctite or no?)
  5. Ok, another Q for you all: there's a big ol' plug in the side of the block, gotta be a 1 1/2"-1 3/4" socket, that lives underneath the timing chain. the original washer is intact, but it looks to be a "crush type" washer. i can't find this spec washer for sale anywhere; is there a manner in which I can re-use this? would gasket seal or form-a-gasket or loctite get me in the door by chance? am I just being a lazy %$#@ right now? wait don't answer that
  6. i know where the flywheel goes. i just draped the two seals over the timing/oil pump gears so it would fit in one pic. my question is this: the smaller black seal in the pic, the one that physically could fit between the oil pump gear, and right up against the block-should the machine shop have installed that seal there when they assembled it? does a seal live there, or no? I've got a full engine set of seals, gaskets, and o-rings, and I'm trying to intuit where it all goes, since i cant for the life of me find a comprehensive seal/gasket diagram.
  7. Hey folks, so as I make my way through assembly of the engine on my '73, I'm gonna just gonna come out and say it: I've never assembled an engine before, so I'm gonna be underinformed. As I arrive at the installation of the flywheel, I realized I need to have a solid understanding of where all seals go. Please see the attached image. Is the black seal need to be installed between the oil pump gear and the body of the engine block? And if so, how do I do that? I farmed out the block rebuild, so this wasn't a step I did, but I would guess that it does install there. (minor aside-is there a thread or doc that shows a comprehensive rundown of what seals and gaskets go where? I think I understand the big picture, but tech articles/WSM have only given me some minor imagery here and there of what seals go where...Thanks for the help. Whoops! Pic attached, sorry.
  8. Son of Marty-THANK YOU!!! whew. what a relief. this one page is going to make my life so much easier. (minor aside: am I the only person who finds some intense degree of satisfaction in torque-ing a nut or bolt to the exact specs of a car? after years of guessing/going by feel, there's something magical about knowing 100% it's EXACTLY right....)
  9. Hi all, as I am moving thru the layout/reassembly of my engine, I'm having a hard time finding a torque sheet for all the bolts that arent cylinder head bolts. I have the WSM for my car, and it's detailed as hell, but I can't for the life of me find torque specs for flywheel, oil pump, oil pan, etc etc. I know I may be over thinking this, but once you start following factory specs, going back to "by hand" feels....not great. I also have post-thread-strip PTSD from another car, frankly. Anybody know of a full spec sheet anywhere? Google/forum search/etc aren't turning anything up. Thanks if so!
  10. aaaaand yes, that is the stupidest mistake possible. I saw a curved end, and a flat end on the bracket, and just assumed "curved end must seat on curved thing and flat end must seat on flat thing". how did i even make it to adulthood?!?!?! thanks guys, hope to have some even stupider questions by the end of the week.
  11. Hey folks, so I'll do my best to only ask Q's in this thread I can't find on the search function(minor aside, is the FAQ a different component of the site? I can search threads, but I literally can't find a FAQ tab on the site. I digress.) Take a look at the attached photo; when I test fit all the parts on my oil pump, the support plate/bracket sites at an offset. Am I doing something incredibly obvious and stupid, or am I missing a part? FYI the machine shop reassembled the lower block. Thanks.
  12. So I'm re-assembling the motor on my '73, after a rebuilt block/head/new pistons/new valves, and I feel like it would be wise to test fit the block and head while it's all apart and on an engine stand. there were multiple parties involved, with the machine shop, the piston manufacturer, and the new head, and i want to make sure the pistons were sized correctly. is there a technique that i can use to ensure that the pistons won't impact anything, and are sized right? is it as simple as "loosely bolt head on, then turn crankshaft by hand, and feel for impact/resistance?" figure there may be a more scientific technique out there....thanks for the help.
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