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  1. The VIN is 2763584. I acquired it as a project some years back with plans to build her. It will be sold with clean ca title in my name. It’s in the process of being registered into non op as it’s off the dmv computer at this point.
  2. This is a really neat 1973 2002tii "roundie" rolling shell. All the standard tii goodies are included (clock, booster, struts, trailing arms, etc.). Also included is the rare early-style AC center console. It's a project with a lot of potential for somebody. I can also provide patch panels for the rust present around the transmission tunnel.
  3. This is an interesting project for somebody. Original enthusiast-owned black-plate car, the fellow passed away and the car was abandoned for a while. It features a factory-remanned 2.0L engine, sports seats, weber 32/36, strut brace, early bumpers, and flush signals. The car does run (2nd gear synchro is no longer good). There is rust, but I think the car is savable in the right hands vin# 1531739.
  4. Little "puffier" than earlier seats, but still work fine.
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