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  1. Steve, I saw your car when I dropped off my 600 at the museum. Looks great! And Jackie did a nice job narrating your car in the Genesis video. If you havent seen it, go to the BMW CCA Foundation website. Some of the best eye-candy you will see! Dave
  2. Here are a few pics taken by Dan Wagener of the Ultimate Klasse website. You can find these plus a lot more at the site. Great photography skills.
  3. Ray, It was a great honor to meet you in person. And Linda LOVED talking to Ruby as well. Appreciate all your advice with regard to my 700. We had a great time at the Vintage. We go most years, but usually take the "Elf Limo" 600. Hopefully, we will see you guys in future years or at another similar event. Keep us posted on shows you are doing. There are lots of good pics of your car on Facebook, etc. Go The Vintage Public Facebook page and you can pic out some nice ones. David and Linda
  4. WELL DONE, Ray. I am jealous of your immense talent. Where did you procure your Sport pistons and valves? I may be facing the same issues with my Sport Coupe. Dave
  5. If you want a US source, you can check with Werner (pronounced "Verner") Schwark in GA at Isettas-R-Us. He does not have a catalog of 700 stuff, but has a lot of parts. He also imports a lot from sources in Germany. You can email him a list of what you need and ask for availability and a quote. I also have a website address for Gabi Bolt in Germany. I dont have it here at work and will post it later. I was able to find new aluminum trim for the hood and sides of the car from her, as well as several other things. But she doesn't have everything---as best as i can tell, no one does. I have a '62 700 Sport in Creme, much like yours. Just now starting to get a handle on what is needed. I am guessing the shipping cost on something as big as a fender would be big buckos. As posted above, the isetta service website is decent, and by all accounts Gosbert Von Brunn is an honest guy who sells quality stuff. He does not speak English well.
  6. Congratulations, Neil! It is just awesome to see your 700 get that kind of well-deserved recognition. It is a testament to all the hard work you have put into this car after acquiring it. Well done!
  7. Ray, I agree with McMil's suggestion of using BMW 700 oldie. She is very nice, and her name is Gabriele. Even though many of her ads say "no shipping to the US", she will work with you after you email her some and she gets comfortable that you are a "legit" customer. Dave. PS, I assume you checked with Werner Schwark in GA and he didn't have any? Would cut down on the shipping costs. I got my 600 shocks from him and they fit perfectly. he will want your old ones for a "core" to rebuild them for the next guy.
  8. I may be interested too, but certainly defer to Steve since he responded first.
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