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  1. How early is early? I live up in kingsland, on i 95 as soon as you cross into georgia, but i have to be into work at 730. I can massage my schedule a bit to meet up with you if its close to the interstate right there.
  2. Im interested in the spoiler, will you be passing through jax on the way up to nc?
  3. Hey yall, Im looking for a bunch of random stuff to make my car dailyable and presentable and a little more fun to drive, so let me know if youve got anything! Right now im stationed in east conneticut so i can come to you if you are in the north east but im changing duty stations in december and will be driving down to georgia, so i could scoop stuff up along the way. Anyways, my list is as follows: Chrome front kidney for a square tail Seats Throttle cable linkage for dellorto 40's Water neck housing for dual carbs Sway bars Struts and springs Rear drums rebuilt, new brake lines to reservoir New front wheel bearings Clutch and bearings Shifter rebuild kit (old style shifter) Speedo cable Thanks yall! You can get in contact with me either here, through email ([email protected]) or you can text me (4786621566)
  4. Do you have a set of throttle linkages for a dual carb for an m10? Or drivers quality late chrome kidney?
  5. You have any speedo cables or throttle linkages for a dual carb setup?
  6. Hey man I am looking for a chrome kidney for a square tail, and also looking for a working speedo cable and a dual carb throttle linkage let me know if you have any of these things. thanks!
  7. Do you have rear tailights and front kidney still by chance? Please email me if you do at [email protected]
  8. Got the speedo cable running from the trans to speedometer?
  9. What year car did this trans come from? Would you be willing to ship it?
  10. Hey guys I've got a 74 2002 and my transmission is getting a little too old and sloppy for me, I think it's about time for a swap. I'm located in Charleston, south Carolina and willing to pay shipping if necessary. Please text me at 478 396 9774 or email me at [email protected] Thanks for your time! Location: Charleston, South Carolina, USA<br />
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