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  1. THIS is why I frequent the faq. Great info, and it doesn't evaporate moments after it's typed. jb
  2. I have a set of "chrome mechanism" front seats available. Black skai. The gumihaar padding is cruchy, and the chrome will need cleaned up, but otherwise in VGC. Brackets not included. I also have matching rear seat in similar condition. Let me know if this is what you're after. jb .
  3. I have had positive experiences purchasing from alfa1750 via ebay. jb
  4. Jake: Thanks for meeting up for the parts exchange today. Great stuff for my '72. NOTE TO FAQers: BUY THE STEBRO MUFFLER. If I didn't already have a new muffler mounted in my car, I'd seriously consider that custom Stebro for some good trouble. jb
  5. Klippan 1971 seatbelt parts. Only one long belt. $50 OBO, shipping not included. jb
  6. Still available. NIB Filter King regulator and filter. jb
  7. Is that a 635csi behind that e36?
  8. This Filter King regulator and filter is still available. $125. jb
  9. Sold! I still have an e30 G240 transmission available. $150 plus packing and shipping. Message me if interested. jb
  10. This is still available. jfahuna: I'm sorry I missed your earlier message. I'll call tomorrow. jb
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