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  1. jb

    Oh no, don't tell me.....

    Thank you for posting this warning, as I'm in box rebuild mode and have similar inner-dialog false-economies: "That brass looks shiny enough.... I bet that foam would re-seal." Best to be comprehensive. jb
  2. There is an Alfa source on ebay that sells the angled stacks $35-$40 per pair-- I'll be the test mule (they are on the boat) and will report my findings when I get them. I suspect I'll get the trumpet sawed off to work with the Alpina box. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WEBER-40-DCOE-CARBURETORS-INCLINED-VELOCITY-STACKS-TABS-CYLINDRICAL-TYPE/292403730456?epid=14012787083&hash=item44149ed818:g:xW8AAOSw86JaVrwZ:rk:1:pf:0 jb
  3. Interested. I have a set of the 45mm horns, but my Webers are 40's, and I have the alpina airbox. I might be interested in the 45's to solve this dilemma, or trade away the horns to a worthy project. jb
  4. jb

    purolator oil filter + housing

    Is the aluminum back (oil cooler bypass block) removable? jb
  5. I had the same issue with the USB port break off. Sent it back to my distributor distributor who scolded me but sent it back, fixed. It seems like a weak point, as mine has not seen a lot of street action. jb
  6. jb

    wall mounted garage shelves

    I would run intermediate 2x's horizontally at the point of placement of the bracket fasteners, attached to the studs with 3 1/2" min lags (assuming 1/2 to 5/8 drywall). Then, you can attach the shelf supports to these horizontal 2x's wherever you want them, and not be dependent upon hitting a stud for anchorage. There are some good drywall anchors that provide up to 75# or so per fastener, but the loading you describe and the lack of information about the shelving system makes me recommend over-engineering. jb
  7. jb


    Great input, Marshall, thanks. I've been using my wife's full face, and came to prefer it even though initially it felt like overkill. I think I'm probably looking at 2 helmets in the long run. jb
  8. jb


    Thanks, Steve. jb
  9. jb


    In my near future is a motorcycle course so I can commute effectively on my spouse's scooter and eventually work up to an airhead-- no high speed or distance touring. Also, I plan to do an HPDE next year, which requires SNELL 2010. Is there a "do all" helmet you'd recommend that would satisfy both needs? Thanks. jb
  10. jb

    Scion 15" steel wheels

    Hub size? jb
  11. Mike: I guess we didn't specify which century. jb
  12. Take them to your architect instead. jb
  13. Thanks, mo02. Both the '55 and '72 are works in progress. Both boxy with a good greenhouse and great visibility. jb