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  1. It does not appear to be a late e30 Getrag 240. jb
  2. I reserved a campsite in Hot Springs, NC for Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20. It's a full hook-up, pull through site. All or nothing (not splitting the nights). Contact me via PM if you are interested. jb
  3. I do. It's attached to a column from a '71, but I'll make it available for $55 without column and $75 with, plus shipping costs. Where are you located? jb
  4. I concur with Scott's report above. Now, if we can get it to fire on all cylinders... jb
  5. I was thinking DUAL WEBER membership- $40.40. jb
  6. It's strange how they faded so much where there is no light, plus the seats and door cards look good. Unless those items were replaced, I'd suspect that the carpets were improperly cleaned at some point (?). If not crumbly and your floor pans are solid, I'd go SEM dye.
  7. Right! But it's not going to have the warmth and resonance. "This 2002 goes up to ELEVEN." "Why didn't you just make 10 louder??".... This is a well-informed thread, BTW. I felt it needed a dissenting voice. Carry on. jb
  8. "I've got this silverface Fender Vibrolux that I'm thinking of to converting to solid state".... jb
  9. Some day I will bring my '72 2002 with the Paddy Hopkirk-branded trapezoid mirrors.... jb
  10. In my o2 I have a Metric Mechanic 4 speed (perhaps one of the last 4 speeds they did), and it's super crunchy in reverse and first if you're not ready for it. Crisp when moving forward briskly, and I'm hoping it eases in with time. I'm having a dilemma with the G240 in my 1991 e30 318i much like this thread. The bearings are LOUD. Shifting is fine. I have a spare G240, which I'd planned to get resealed with new bearings, but I have yet to find someone who will crack it open. I suppose I can use is as a core with MM, but they are charging more than my car's worth for a rebuilt tranny. I hate doing things twice, so the idea of swapping $200 trannies until I find a winner seems repetitive and avoidable. I've read that the reliable shops quit doing transmissions as it was becoming too expensive to find parts and too problematic to take apart/reassemble. Perhaps true? jb
  11. +1 on Vredesteins. Treads look right, right size. Mine are on 5" tii steelies. jb
  12. ...and anything Steely Dan. "Is there gas in the car?" "Yes, there's gas in the car!" "I think the people down the hall know who we are!"
  13. See No Evil Television You Get What You Deserve Big Star Something about the guitar parts on each of those. I need to get my radiator back in before they salt the roads. jb
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