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  1. I have decided to put my Tii up for sale and wanted to share the ad with everyone here. I placed an ad on Craigslist and it can be seen here: http://greenville.craigslist.org/cto/4457067429.html. I plan to post more pictures here soon. This car is not perfect but it is a good example that has had a lot of time, sweat and money poured into it recently. If the CL ad is still up the car is still for sale. Thanks, EVBIMMER Location: Anderson, SC, USA Year: 1972 Make: BMW Model: 2002Tii
  2. I get PLENTY of ventilation from my VW Microbus (63 DC to be exact) when I open the safari windows!!! :D Couldnt resist.... Ben in SC
  3. Old thread revival Lets see some more blue 02's! This one's supposed to be Baikal, this Sherwin Williams paint is a little darker than others I've seen, though. Still looks great to me! Ben in SC
  4. I need a working radio for my 72 02. Does anyone have something sitting on a shelf not being used? Prefer a 2 knob radio that will fit into my Behr console without modification. PM with what you have. Thanks! Ben in SC Location: SC
  5. Pic of dash topper installed. Ben in SC
  6. You can get one cheaper from JC Whitney..... Same product, less money. Opinion: If you have a one piece dash (74 up) then its very hard to tell apart unless you know what you're looking at or it was a bad installation. Fairly easy to install but requires trimming to work on an early 2-3 peice dash. I'll PM you a picture. HTH, Ben in SC
  7. Chamonix, thanks! I got both sides on today. Ben
  8. Best write up here is in the FAQ: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/_/technical-articles/body-and-interior/air-conditioning-basics-r126 Its not a step by step but installing a dealer unit into your previously unequiped car should not be very difficult. HTH, Ben
  9. My car came to me with all trim holes filled. I've been busy adding back waist trim and now would like to add back the stainless rocker trim. Could someone out there with their car taken apart mind giving me some measurments for the holes? I have the trim and the clips and can get pretty close by guessing but measurements would really help. Also, how many clips are needed per side for the rockers? Thanks! Ben in SC
  10. Most people just use threaded hardware so that it can be easily opened up again should the need arise. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/articles.html/_/technical-articles/body-and-interior/heater-box-removal-and-replacement-r41
  11. The black clips I have are from the dealer and they are identical to the white clips. I have a few of the original round clips (pn# 51135480112) and they fit the 'edge profile' as you called it. I dont see a source for those anywhere, though.
  12. I've searched for some info on my problem with the beltline trim and found issues mainly with the knee trim. It is different than the one above so maybe I should post a new topic? Anyway. I have a mixture of new and original beltline trim along with a mixture of white and black plastic clips (as well at the metal end t-bolts). The clips that I have work perfectly with the original trim but they are way to small to grip onto the new trim pieces. Has anyone seen this problem? Here's a picture: New trim with clips (top) and original trim (bottom) As you can see the new trip has an obviously smaller "flap" on the rear and thats causing the problem. Thanks, Ben in SC
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