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  1. That's the one I have to clean everytime the pump is getting noisy. After cleaning the fuel tank and installing another filter between the tank and the pump, it seems to be working pretty well. I've had many problems with the fuel system. Now, three inches of "mud" inside the fuel tank removed, new fuel pump, new pre-pump filter, new fuel filter in the engine bay, and Kugel set up correctly. Engine runs smooth and idle is perfect when warm. cheers
  2. Hi, I'm reading all the time about 2 dot pads, 3 dot pads, no pads front and rear, etc I would like to know what you are taking about. Pics are really welcome. Thanks in advance.
  3. After a couple of months my car is back on the road. Every year I have a lot of work during christmas so it was not possible to fix issues with the fuel system. After buying the car some months ago, I've had some problem with the fuel lines, fuel pump, and the kugelfischer. It all begun the first time I filled the fuel tank, the first fuel pump died. A new pump was installed and it was running ok, but after going to the petrol station again for a full tank it died again, then was working again with no explanation, but not running smooth, and after some kms it died definitely. So my guess was that the fuel tank was dirty, very dirty indeed. Last december I called the tow truck and went to the workshop, until today. Fuel tank was removed and cleaned, my cousin (he is a mechanic, I'm lucky) told me that there was a three inches mud inside the tank, and that it was hard to remove, he was amazed the car could be running with all that in there. Well, tank was clean, pump filter clean, fuel filter changed, now car was starting better than ever,but still failing and every time I step on the gas and released the throttle the car stopped, I was frustrated, why was this happening?, then everything was clean, pump was dead silent and filters cleaned. My worst thoughts came to my mind; the kugel was dead? luckily there is a guy not far from my uncle's workshop, who is one of the few mechanics that still know how to set up kugels. The car has been there for three days and now is running smooth as silk He told me that I've been very lucky the kugel did not died with all that dirt coming through it. There was some kind of problem with the air regulator (or something like that). He suggested to use some cleaner for the fuel system from FORTE, I bought it already. I hope this is not going to happen again, though some other issues will appear, I know, it's a forty years old car. Happy to have drove it again after this. PS: sorry for my english, there must be some mistakes.
  4. Beautiful pics of a fantastic trip, looks like you had a great time. I've been in some of those places, some good memories. Thanks for sharing. Nice car, btw.
  5. Nice car, I like the two tone paint job. Wheels look great too. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy it.
  6. look at the link i gave you and you'll find pics of all sections of the seat and trim, screws, etc Thank, I did already, but I would like to see a LIVE pic to see how it looks and what's the color and shape of the screws. cheers
  7. The one I mean is the chrome rectangular shape trim behind the lever to fold the seat. Thanks
  8. Can I see some pics of your seats and the trims on the side? Mine were missed, so I bought the new ones, but with the new leather covering the seats I can not see how to fix them there and what kind of screw I have to use. It's the trim for the lever to fold the seat. Thanks. Vte
  9. Congratulations, the car looks great, and with all the paperwork. Looks like a very nice project, I'm sure you are gonna enjoy a lot. cheers
  10. Did you install a stock tii fuel pump? If so, where did you find one? Some folks have used a 5-series pump and also an E30 in-tank pump. It's a Pierburg. I did not like the look when I saw it, but it runs perfectly, and no other choices for the same day. Don't know the reference, if you need it, I can ask my cousin.
  11. Looks great. This is the setup I am getting with possible changes in the swaybars. I don't want an "all show, no go" (cornering, bumps) car. I like your car, looks great. A balanced stance, to my eyes. Thanks for sharing the details.
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