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  1. I just did PayPal and sent you alittle more for a large flat rate box. Please send USPS. Lmk when it ships. Thanks!!!
  2. If the deal falls thru, I will take it. I need the water hoses.
  3. I'm interested in the pair depending on price. Lmk.
  4. Anyone have a good used pair of fixed camber plates available? Thanks
  5. I'd be interested in a Weber 38/38 and possibly a manifold. Lmk if you find it and are able to send some pics. I'll be in Seattle in a few weeks. Thanks
  6. Somebody must have a good used rear pair of Bilstein HD's lying around. Anyone?
  7. I found a BMW horn contact. I will grab a picture tonight. I have not yet installed it. The steering wheel is a direct fit. The trim collar shown is missing all the tabs that hold it in place. You will have to contact Blunt to see how much a collar and plunger is. Thanks for all your help. I will check with blunt about the collar and plunger.
  8. Email sent. Did you have this wheel installed on a 2002? Is it a direct fit with no other mods or adapters?
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