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  1. Think I could source that locally from a dealer for the same price!?
  2. Hey guys- 71 2002.. was rolling down the passenger window- heard a clunk and it stayed down. First time taking off panels etc and I have the regulator out- and here’s what it looks like - the part on the bottom of the first image was connected to the lower window mechanism and would still roll within it- but the window wouldn’t move up or down. Help!
  3. Ok- this took me tooooo long to find so I’m helping out someone in case they run across this down the road ~ this plastic piece moves out of the way to reveal the screw for the window crank
  4. Hey guys 1971 2002 and one of my spark plug wires won’t ‘bite’ onto the plug anymore and is loose. Looking to replace quickly as I want to drive as soon as I can. Should I attempt a temporary fix (or would that be ill Advised)? The plugs themselves are the NGK’s w the tips twisted off/ and that goes into the 7mm Bosch wires- any advice as to where I can pick some up locally around Orange County cali? looks like maybe the clip fell out?
  5. Oh man that’s effing terrible. Hope you locate it soon.
  6. Thanks for the reply- so get it insured then just show up and that should be all good? cool. hopefully it goes smoothly. And no- didn’t register it as non-op. I’ll probably end up paying a bit for that dang it
  7. So, I have a 71 bmw 2002- only ever registered in California. i am from cali but moved away 6 years ago- registration lapsed as I left my car w fam in cali. Still has the cali plates but last had a sticker from 2017. I have a NY state license. But, I want to drive my car (which remains in California). Do I need a valid CA license to register my car in California? How do people keep cars in various states? Please help! Hoping to get the car running by tomorrow when I arrive and find a way to legally drive it insured and registered. been on hold w cali Dmv to ask a question for over an hour and a half. Yuck! thanks!!!! peter
  8. It ran like a BEAST! I’m hoping a fresh addition of gas will bring it up to speed. I gotta learn how to do all these little tasks. This is her, by the way. To my knowledge, I was one of the first to do this years ago- some of you may recognize her from the drives. Kept it relatively old school w a touch of new for the musically inclined. I can’t remember who on the forums was building the fiberglass enclosures for the subs back in the day- but that thing kicks ass. Really want this little thing back up on the roads!
  9. Ok guys- I just had another topic open- but I have a lovely 72 2002 in the garage that I haven’t had the engine start in over a year- isn’t advice as to what I should do to troubleshoot? It has been sitting for a while - ill Add some more gas to the tank when I get home and see it. but, other little steps to consider? Thanks!!
  10. Thanks for the reply/ I remember meeting him when I was shopping for my initial 2002. I may hit him up later this week. Car hasn’t started in a while~ any ideas as to what I should try to Get it to Start? Probably has been a good year and a half or so. Would love to try stuff before taking it in.
  11. Hey guys- been a loooooong time since I logged in and I’ve neglected by 2002 for a few years. I went to a shop In the mission viejo area a few years back- and I am forgetting the name- was hoping someone here might be able to redirect me and get me plugged back into the scene so I can bring my baby along some drives and meetups in the near future. Hope everyone is well! peter
  12. Hey guys- '71 02- manual- recently has been giving me a whine on start up which dissipates and sometimes comes back while idling. Sounds like some sort of belt issue. Anyone have any thoughts? Cheers guys! P Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I hear that the new clips suck. I know some people just screw them in... I nah do the same.
  14. Hey guys... Just picked up my car from the shop And the long piece of chrome/stainless steel that runs along the underside of the door 'fell off' while at the shop. It had never fallen off in the 7 months I've owned the car. Rather than point fingers, I just want to get it fixed. Apparently those tabs haven't been sold for the last 10 years of so and the replacements do not affix the chrome trim very well such that It just falls Off... Anyone have any ideas as to where To get better tabs or have a work around? Cheers
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