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  1. Cpo programs offer great value Leases offer you a chance to pay to use someone else car. I would never lease an M2 and attend open track days ($2-300) where you could exceed 3-400 miles on track and you could drive it anywhere with a full array of modern safety equipment to keep you and the ones you love alive. Or you could hot rod a 50 year old 2002 you own. It's a wild ride.
  2. Nice car sell it. Find a nice 75 or 76 CA car and do the M42 with a turbo. ⁠M42 turbo pt 1- it blew up! - R3VLimited Forums⁠⁦‪r3vlimited.com‬⁩.webloc
  3. The Century 320i kit was made in Los Angeles. Problem like all the other kits and even the original BMW turbo manifold was always the cast iron part eventually cracking. The exhaust manifold/turbo mount is best cast and metallurgy has advanced. I remember reading about a European company making some solid reliable replacements.
  4. Not just eBay lots of stuff out there fixing 02 problems that never existed. My 121 rear wheel horsepower motor is still pretty stout but somehow the new dyno number is around 150? M10 is a 50 year old relatively low production motor that grew up with mechanical fuel and spark control. Intercooled turbo efi M10 there are not very many fully sorted. Add a longer stroke or larger bore you may not find any. Hp per dollar ratio is pretty sad when compared to a high production motor like an LS or anomaly like a rotary. Love the M10 but you approach the limits of any motor your cost and time investments get astronomical. I would think a 4 valve head on a stout 2 liter M10 lower end might move the quantity of air you need. Good luck Benjamin and Evil hoping you have nothing but success please keep posting you results.
  5. Just because someone says it's an upgrade or a hi performance part does not mean it is.
  6. Benjamin I support your efforts and everyone here is a big fan of the 2002 and the M10. But to ignore history, metallurgy and the advise of the forum may not give you your best result. I remember turbo kits from Miller Norburn and my 2002 is fueled by a Motec so we all get it. BMW's most significant engine didn't have six cylinders - Hagertywww.hagerty.com › media › magazine-features › bmws....webloc
  7. How many hours (or minutes) do you get out of each of these motors? An M10 with 200hp at the rear wheels I know can be a 100k mile motor with some care and disciplined maintenance. It just depends what your goals and budget are but you have to be realistic. Or drink some Koolaid.
  8. Are you trying to compile information on a M10 300hp boosted build or are you following a model by others? I know of 2 boosted M10's but 200 rear wheel hp is really all that was safe and reliable. My last M10 2 liter, 292 cam, head port and polish ccd 10.25 compression, 40 dcoe's put 121hp to the ground and is still running well with 1 head refresh and 120k miles. This was assembled over 20 years ago when parts were easier and cost less. I see all kinds of hp and dyno numbers here that seem a tad optimistic. Looking forward to your results.
  9. A factory 5 tube frame chassis kit can be purchased for about 13k that's value. Building a blindingly fast 2002 inspired open track day/street car? The cost reward ratio might be hard to beat. I prefer the real thing, just looking at our changing world.
  10. Thanks for the info. Some things in life just make no logical sense. Seems like those things always bring you the greatest joy.
  11. That's a Darren Young style taillight conversion. V8 is front mounted and moved rearward, look at trans tunnel. I would need to test drive that beast but looks like some outside the box crazy fun. Not much different than a 540hp rotary conversion...
  12. You seem pretty smart to me captive audience here for your turbo motor sale. Looking forward a big handful of electric would be a great choice but go big.
  13. No one caught it yet but it looks like a free subway sandwich might be sweetening this deal.
  14. Turbo motor intercooled with efi.
  15. TV show not a restoration show remember 67 hours. I enjoyed watching. Filming a full restoration the ratings might be lower and no Ari driving clip.
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