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  1. Please see my CL add http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/4572328012.html Thanks for looking http://i1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb332/MicahDolen/IMG_6255.jpg Location: North Bend, WA Year: 1969 Make: BMW Model: 1600
  2. Please see my post on CL http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/4534165039.html Thanks Location: North Bend, WA Year: 1969 Make: BMW Model: 1600
  3. http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/pts/4502970641.html Saw this on CL. No affiliation Location: North Bend
  4. North Bend WA Tons of parts all are off the car. Shell, engine and seats are gone. Lots of Ireland parts also lots of new uninstalled parts. Email me for a spreadsheet with parts and prices. micahdolen@live.com or text 425.922.3399 I would rather sell locally but will also ship with USPS flat rate boxes price ranges from $6-17 if it can fit in their boxes. Let me know what you need. pictures are a small portion of what I have Location: North Bend, WA, USA
  5. Please see my CL add I have lots of parts. Let me know what you need Want to sell engine and trans first so new owner can drive it. In North Bend WA I can email a link to my photobucket album
  6. Need to sell my 1600 I will sell everything for $6500 or I will part it out Excellent 320is Recaro seats and back seat Euro turn signals rebuilt engine with high compression, 304 Schrek Cam, Webber side draft carbs, IE light weight flywheel, Tii dizzy and Petronix, custom 3 core radiator, 320is 5 speed, 391 rear end, Stahal Header- jet coated, IE SS exhaust, all poly urethane bushings, IE front and rear sway bars, Tii front struts, bilstein shocks, IE big brake Kit, SS break lines, H and R springs, short shift, new carpet, keyless locks, stereo, custom gauges, custom steering wheel with Alpina button, rear battery kit with shock tower support, fully dyno matted interior, New Rota RB wheels and tires, rebuilt steering box, heater box and petal box, H4 headlights, 320 alternator, Optima battery. Car has Wabasto top/sunroof. Great car has a little rust in the rockers, fenders and hood. Extra parts, all new BMW seals for doors and more, fenders, hood, motor mounts, bushings+lots more My car is a driver just needs a little body work and paint (have paint). I would like to sell it outright but I think I can recoup by money parting. I don't want to think about how much I have into this. If I part it out I would like to find a buyer for the engine and trans first so they can drive it and see how well it runs. Email me for pricing. Thanks Micah
  7. Please see my CL add for pics. I hope I am priced correctly. I can't find any comps. http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/pts/3921539694.html
  8. 1970 1600 Please email for more info or pictures. Micahdolen@comcast.net Body Wabasto sunroof Little rust in one rear fender, spare tire well and rocker. Nothing major Shock towers and floor boards are solid H4 headlights with relays Needs paint Engine Rebuilt engine and head 9.5:1 Weber 40 side drafts Stahal Header- Jet Coated Tii distributer Electric fuel pump Ireland SS exhaust 3 core radiator with electric fan Petronix ignition 304 Dr. Schrek cam Drivetrain 5-Speed from 320 3.91 rear end from 320 New clutch, throwout, Ireland big brake kit with SS brake lines H and R springs Bielstein shocks Camber plates up front Tii struts New Rota RB wheels with S-Drive tires Short shift kit Light weigh steel flywheel Interior Recaros from 320is- excellent shape Extra gauges mounted in custom pod New carpet Rear seat recovered with 320 fabric to match front seats 3 point shoulder belts front and back Dyno mat under carpet Hidden stereo system 2 small cracks in dash Have lots of extra parts that are not included but could be worked into a package deal. Euro turn signals Round rear fog light New BMW rubber body seals Hood Fenders Ireland front sway bar New motor mounts Polyurethane suspension parts Rear bumper Weber 32/36 carb +more Year: 1970 Make: BMW Model: 1600
  9. Good used booster $160 plus shipping Located in north bend WA
  10. Background All the work done by myself with all my research on the FAQ so thanks everyone. My car 1970 1600- Ireland big brakes, Rota RB wheels, Tii struts H and R springs, camber plates, Bilsteins, Recaros, Webasto sunroof. I bought a 83 320is and swapped the 5 speed and rear end. The 320 had a new clutch and pressure plate 20,000ish miles. I used the 320 flywheel, throw out bearing, pressure plate and clutch. The 1600 TH bearing and 320 TH bearing measured to be the same size. I ran this set up for a few months and I never noticed slipping but the 1600 engine was not the most powerful thing in the world. At this time I converted from mechanical clutch linkage to hydraulic. Next I installed a 9.5 compression 2 liter with 304 scherik and 32/36 Weber and a light weight steel flywheel. I didn’t like the 32/36 with the big cam so I didn’t drive it too much but I did feel like the clutch was slipping when running high RPM and shifting hard. Then I installed weber 40 side drafts, Stahal header and Ireland SS exhaust. During the swap I accidently broke the nipple to the clutch MC from the plastic reservoir (I am sure some air got into the system) Got a new reservoir and bled the clutch. Now my clutch is slipping very badly. It launches hard in first but slips bad in all gears and hardly holds in 5th. I thought there was a was a problem with the clutch or throw out bearing so I pulled the trans. Everything looked fine. I put the stock flywheel back on and put on a good used pressure plate. There was not excessive wear on the TO bearing or the fingers of the pressure plate. My thought is that the TO bearing was too tall and not letting the pressure plate fully release. I don’t think this is the problem because when I reinstalled the trans and it slid right in and mated up to the engine with out pressure making me think that the TO bearing was not too tall. I reinstalled everything and it is still slipping. I am now out of ideas. I have ruled out master cylinder and slave because everything shifts smoothly and the pedal feels perfectly normal. Both the stock flywheel and light weight flywheel have the same size step from pressure plate bolting surface to disk surface. The clutch pedal is adjusted and feels good. Could the slave be holding pressure on the TO bearing? Some people say 5 speed swaps need the euro 323 bearing and others say 320 works…Why? Any other ideas? I am tired of taking the trans out and I want to flog on my new motor and side drafts but I need the clutch to hold. Thanks for your help Micah
  11. I have a whole rear subframe with diff in great shape. I am moving soon and can't take it with me $80. In north bend but I can bring it to Bellevue.
  12. When I bought my car it had 1 amber fog light on it. I took it off and threw it in a box. Today I decided to turn it into a rear fog lamp. I painted the amber lens red with a product called Night Shades from the local auto parts store. I also got a bulb socket and small bulb. The original bulb was a H3 so it would to too bright to shine in "most" people's eyes. I did some cutting on the socket and got it installed in the housing. The light looks great and is about as bright as my brake lights. I think I will wire it to come on as a 3rd brake light.
  13. Hub to hub Includes diff Excellent shape No half shafts. $40 Pick up only. Email for pics
  14. NMNA Looks like he has some nice stuff http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/pts/3472178069.html
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