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  1. Jon, It should have ended by you giving Randy 20K for the 'COMPLETE RESTORE" you sold him. You would have at least looked like you tried to make it right and that you made a one time slip up by passing this car off to someone that USED to trust people. You ask WHO AM I? I stated it in the previous post. I worked on it. I'm not sure everyone is done reading this but you only try to say what you did to make it PERFECT which, I believe most of us here know, IT cannot be made perfect. You may get it close by putting a new nose on it,,,,It's a mess. Pull the fenders and fix the rust there where it is all rusted out and that ugly bondo job shows with the ruler. Put a short clip on the rear or replace the rear panel which looks like the ocean with waves all through it. Did you replace the bolts in the rear bumper to hold it on straight. Both bushings in the rear "soupcans" were shot. The motor mount on the drivers front was not indexed correctly nor were either replaced. You did nor show the driveshaft repairs we did or explain what you did to fix the muffler that was welded in place resting on the rear crossmember. Sorry Randy had a muffler shop do that after it left here. I'll put in some more later. It seems you are still getting some much deserved attention here. I explained earlier that I did usually get into these things. I believe you have met a power bigger than your ego with these responses to your posts. I don't even believe anyone would doubt the many statements made about your operation. The more you defend yourself, the more it seems you try to justify it. My close friend that restored Corvettes up here for years lived his last five years justifying what he had supposedly charged his customers for. One lie lead to a bigger one. He could not remember all the exaggerations. His brain told his heart that it had had enough. 63 years old and walking on the beach, a mightier power told him the game was over. No warning and a small turnout at the funeral. May I tell you more of what we fixed on the car? YOU ignore those in your posts. You probably take credit for them. BTW I see Randy responded on the other forum after a long period of silence. He was still rather civil. AND I can't believe he has not had to call us to work on the newer BMW he bought. I hope I did not loose a customer because YOU said I ripped him off. You might be DONE in one way or another. I'M sure I'm not.... Ray if you are reading, I may have found your mother an e46 328i. SORRY but it is another WHITE car. Belongs to my brother... Thanks all for your attention....hope it is not too boring..... Patt..... FYI... Jon.... I.again. am the guy you talked to many times on the phone about the POS.....I mean Malagna TOTAL RESTORE.
  2. Happy new year JON and other readers. I see your newly posted pictures of the minor repairs you made to the "RANDY mobile" to make it "perfect". Most of us here know how the photos are really not able to show THE perfect detail that you put into your work . They must be of the highest quality as you spent a week working on it. In our shop that would be $3200 in labor ALONE. I have seen your work. Many others have also on this forum. Your expectation of quality is different from ours. I could not have been doing my BMW repairs since 1973 if I did the quality of work your guys do. I should apologize but I will not. You have only criticized our work and called me a rip off. You do not even know what we did to your prized machine. I do know however how many repairs we made to the car to be able to drive it. You did not pay Randy for the repairs he had to do to make the car a "rolling restoration". You did not reinburse him for ANY items. I'll present some of the repairs in future posts (That is if anyone else here wants to read about it). Did you disclose to the new buyer how the timing chain is so loose that the steel ball in the flywheel will not stay still when trying to set the timing? And it also sounds like it is slapping the timing cover. I remember you telling Randy how the bottom did not need a bit of work. You guy only did the head. He did not even put four nuts to hold the manual choke carb on that you said you paid 300 or more to have rebuilt. $300 to rebuild a $275 carburetor?? There was no choke cable to actuate the choke because it was a JUNK carb off of another car. Randy spent money for the correct NEW carb and air cleaner. The bungee cord holding the NEW" Randy bought battery" in the battery tray looks good in the pictures. Why don't you fix that correctly in that week you made it perfect? I'll send more later. I am hoping the new owner runs across this. That car has some of the worst body work and bondo FILL that I have seen from even a backyard shop. You continued to berate Randy after you took the car back. He kept quiet like a gentleman( and as per the agreement). He took a lickin' as far as money lost. I'm confident that you will never convince the people that read this forum that that was a nice car or that Randy was fairly compensated. Any real 2002 lover I know here would have never attempted to make that bent up, bondo filled, salvage yard rescue anything more than a parts car. It is not as nice as the two beat up rusty old 2002s that we keep going for my friends here. I have convinced them that they cannot get rid of the rust in theirs. Yes, I am a friend of Randy's. ( At least I think I still am) He did not ask that I write any of this. I'm not sure anyone will ever forget this car up here in Virginia. Numerous customers in our shop were in dismay at the condition of this car. More 2 come?
  3. Ray and Jon, and to all others watching this, I'm Patt. Yes Ray, I told you I'd have to get involved sometime. Jon, the last time we spoke was when Randy had his car towed to my shop about a year ago. I did feel guilty then because RANDY was standing right next to me very excited about his new car. I did not want to shoot down his hopes. We took the car on as a spare time project at a lower labor rate. Time flies, as well as the BS that's been flying in this and the other forum. Ray I know you, your brother and mother real well. For a couple of decades most likely. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Hope your brother has luck selling his 330i. I've known Randy for a decade maybe more. I also know his wife and two college aged kids. Our shop has fixed a bunch of cars from both of these families and now we can even say we have STARTED to fix one from Jon's family. (maybe I'm reading into this, but Jon does your son work for you and you have a family?) I hate to tell you Jon, Randy's wife knows and did know about the car from the get go. He goes through cars. He got stung this time. I knew his luck with ebay cars would stop some day. To the point, the car is back in Texas, Randy has not even called me to tell me it's gone. I told him I 'd prefer to STAY OFF THE NET. I'm sorry. I just had to add my 02 cents worth.I had some time on my hands and want to be sure Jon gives credit for the work Randy had done. It was NOT minimal. I did not enjoy driving that car 20 miles to his house. I can't see how your mechanics can drive in it for two hours. The drivers seat is so far off center from the steering wheel that it is very awkward to drive. The seats sit so high that my hair stuck into the sunroof mess or lack of headliner. (more on that later?) Ray has kept me in the loop, he saw the car shortly after it got here. He took great pictures, The guy from OBX took some great ones also. I would like to see some more of Jon's comments as to thee quality of work we put out. He has already criticized the installation of the belt trim. Go through the car Jon and tell them all the other things that have been done to it. Tell them how I ripped Randy off. He paid us without crying or making excuses. It was towed here TWICE. (first time was NOT ebrake as you posted earlier but was dried out cv joints/cracked or non existent boots, second time the shifter fell out of it) I lived with it for months...was it 9? I don't know. But it did not stay in the weather for more than a few days when I had it. By weather, I mean it was in an enclosed carport at times.(could not leave it out as the SUNROOF had issues from day 1) I usually had it in a neighbor's garage when it was not in the shop. Neighbors moved and place was for sale with an empty 2 bay garage. Still have a car there now.Then it spent some DAYS on weekends sitting 4 sale on a main highway....(probably 6 -9 weekends in the summer) To all of you on the forum,Thanks for your consideration and taking the time to educate me. Jon has taught me so much about 2002's. In closing, Jon, I have a 69 2002 with aplina flares. Has not moved in years. May be an ideal restoration for your guys. Ray has seen it. He could give you a detailed description or I could email pictures.
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