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  1. @danco_ haha now you have to tell us... Sounds mysterious. Haven't been on the forums in a while. Sold the e30 then got a zhp, sold it. Bought a tacoma and converted it to 4wd and now I want a 2002 again. Seems like I'll finally be able to take on a project once i graduate in spring 17 with a degree in mechanical engineering. If anyone knows of anyone hiring someone for an entry level position please let me know. I'm open to moving out of california if the job is right. I can send a resume to anyone that knows of a position! Once again thanks for sharing the different careers you guys have had.
  2. Wow, I haven't poked my head in here for quite a while. I sold all my 02's and moved over to the e30 forums. I'm still kind of lost with school and the future but at least I'm headed in the right direction now. I cant wait to read all these posts over the weekend and see the experiences and jobs you all shared. Thanks for sharing. Francois
  3. Man, I wish you lived near me. If only I had a tenth of the skills you have. Amazing. Extremely jealous of your abilities. Although there might not be many people that post on here this thread is a huge success so keep updating!
  4. It'd be nice to see a few general pictures in the description. Did u have a link to a photo hosting website maybe? Thanks
  5. Have a set of these plastic grills in superb condition. Plastic is in very good shape not bent. 50 plus shipping.
  6. Hello I have a set of 4 Tii fuel injectors. PO I bought the car from said he was going to use them as backup. 250 for all 4 shipped.
  7. Tii Injectors, PO told me that they worked and kept them as backup. 270 OBO Shipped Manifold 50$ Grills 70$ Washer bottle with motor 40$ Mirror 40$ Chrome 8/10 ALL OBO and shipping will be included or not depending on price.
  8. Thanks guys. I will prob try 808 they are down my street. Curtis I wish you were closer!
  9. Hello. I have the opportunity of buying back my m20 turbo project. I wish I had the time/skills/especially workspace to get it running but I do not. How do I go about finding a place that would take on this type of project and how can I get quoted? If anyone has recommendations let me know thanks. What I would need New engine mounts put in. Driveshaft mounted. Wiring harness completed. Brake booster/brake set up Shift linkage. How the car sits as of now. http://s878.photobucket.com/albums/ab348/frenchee7/Bmw%2002%20turbo%20m20/
  10. Usually there is a pretty big wolfpack so we go straight to Brisbane. Thats how we did it last time.
  11. 1. Daniel-1968 2002 2. J.R. - 1975 2002 3. Mike - hopefully I'll have my 2002 by then 4. Steve K. - A table with t-shirts. Hopefully 5. Jan - 71 2000tii touring M2 6. Alex - 71 2000tii touring 7. Blunt-Brandon 72tiiA4 8. Cris '73 2002 9. Tom - hopefully driving Joe Oneil's 2000TiLux. Rosee will be driving my "new" '85 518i. I'll be the Parking Manager as usual. 10. Larry Ayers-- '74 Malaga tii; would like to see 100 of you on Saturday! 11. Bob - 74 Sahara - gotta fix my starter problem, otherwise it'll be the 330ci stand-in 12. Sebastian-74 Farm find. Hope to have it driveable by then! 13. Beck - 74 Malaga Tii if i can get it back together in time. Headliner installed today. 14. Kevin (algon) - neither car is ready sadly but I'll be there. I'll have my p.u. truck if anyone local needs something hauled. 15. John - '73 Inka tii. 16. Ray C-73 02 Chamonix -with a trunkload of tees! if nothing happens on the way up from Socal 17. Dmitriy - 74 Fjord-ish - if it still has brake fluid 18. Stan-71 malaga with primer door. also will bringing a truck load a spare parts to sell or swap. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP bring cash 19. Marc-74 turbo tribute with a trunk full of beers. FOR SALE too, not the beers just the car. 20. Michael Dubois - sans 02. 21. Jerry - '88 Acura Legend with rust (praying i'll succeed with my '71 02) 22. Jeff Goss - 67 Florida 1600-2 23. Julio B. '69 2002... 24. Francois- Ford Windstar- canoe
  12. Chrome is good. give me your emails so I can send pictures!
  13. I found these parts in my garage and decided that I should get rid of them since I don't have an 02 and I need help funding my Vanos rebuild. I have forgotten how much parts go for so Im open to all offers really. 20 Bucks plus shipping Solex Single Carb air filter. 15+ Shipping Rear seat belts 30 plus shipping This thing worked great and looks brand new. Bushings are great hardware looks nice. 60+shipping Crack free turn signals. One for 15 both for 20 plus shipping. Mirror 30+ Ship E30 Stuff. Fuel pumps 25 each(35 each at pick n pull ask me how I know) Stock front and rear e30 suspension(Sprigns shocks struts) 60
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