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  1. Folks still looking for a 1966-69 2000cs owners manual to complete my restoration project. Have run down several leads to no end for a sale and would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks
  2. Did you say you had a owners manual too! WOW! [email protected]
  3. I am interested, surely need them. What do you want for them? David
  4. WTB an Owners Manual for a 2000cs, completing restoration and only missing this element, prefer in English but will take German, TX David
  5. Thanks just what I needed to do adjusting, tricky things aren't they!
  6. I experienced rough idle for my 2000cs/ti engine and rebuilt the carbs. now great acceleration, but idle still motor- boating, not firing on a couple of cylinders, checked plugs, wires, points compression any other thoughts for a smooth idle?

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