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  1. Looking for 1972,73 cigarette lighter? shipped to 38804. Thanks
  2. Motor and trans are being rebuilt, motor didn't have oil pressure, who knows for how long, and low compression so it is being rebuilt and will go in another car.
  3. 1972 California clean roller - I have a California clean 1972 Malaga shell with everything but the running gear - sans: engine, transmission, drive-train, diff. and half shafts. Look closely at the photos, and I have tons more at your request, this is the cleanest body I have seen in a very long time, spent most of its years in WA and CA. It is a roller and is steerable and can be stopped by the e-brake, has some nice features, dual flag mirrors, good waist trim, shinny and serviceable paint, KYB suspension, recent new rubber on Alpine look alike wheels from an e30 - you could build from here. Has a drivers seat, but no passenger seat, saddle interior doors and quarters and rear seat, dirty old carpet. Have registration and title in hand to put back on the road. Yes, could part out but don't have the time or patience, so for now it is a whole shell for sale.
  4. Recently bought from Blountech but didn't match up with what I needed, buyer pays post Library.data
  5. My steering wheel listing eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/263960076015 Be happy to answer questions here, thanks Rum
  6. Folks still looking for a 1966-69 2000cs owners manual to complete my restoration project. Have run down several leads to no end for a sale and would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks
  7. Did you say you had a owners manual too! WOW! david.rumbarger@comcast.net
  8. I am interested, surely need them. What do you want for them? David
  9. WTB an Owners Manual for a 2000cs, completing restoration and only missing this element, prefer in English but will take German, TX David
  10. Thanks just what I needed to do adjusting, tricky things aren't they!
  11. I experienced rough idle for my 2000cs/ti engine and rebuilt the carbs. now great acceleration, but idle still motor- boating, not firing on a couple of cylinders, checked plugs, wires, points compression any other thoughts for a smooth idle?
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