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  1. Just placed an order online.. I spoke with Steve and gave me the price for s/h . $15.00 for my address. Let me know guys if my order goes through.. Thank you. Jeffrey of Long Beach CA
  2. I want one powder coated picking up tomorrow 169 no tax right? Address please. Jeff of Long Beach CA
  3. Interested on the 75 cluster. How's condition? speedo works? Zender spoiler. Is that fiberglass? TIA
  4. Hi Folks.. Anyone has a picture of these seal installed on their car? Where do you put them? I don't think I have it on my car. TIA[/img]
  5. top door corner seals that go on the front and back of the door . Still have this one?.. Where do they actually go.. Send me a pic please. Thanks
  6. Problem fixed! Yay I get to drive my 02 home.. Thanks to my buddy who saw one of the clip of the distributor got loose.. therefore misfire on #3 cylinder.Now it's running good ..perfect for the Turkey day... Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  7. Hi folks! I took my 68 02 to work today as I was getting close to my exit(2 more exits to [email protected] Downey 105E fwy), I thought of accelerating ,like give the car more speed. As I was accelerating I felt the car hesitates and shakes. I was driving it on the fwy for about 10 mins with no problem. What could it be? I checked my ignition wires, haven't done any vacum test on the dizzy yet as the car is parked here at my work. How do you guys fix if the vacuum plate on the dizzy is stuck, where do you guys turn/push it? I already called my uncle to drop me spare of sparkplugs also just incase one of the sparkplugs is shot. Could it be also possible? it only happened as I push the acceleration (speed up) a little more than my running speed 10 minutes after. TIA
  8. I also intend to have my engine / tranny swapped to M20 with LSD also in the future.. Let me know a good shop also can do this in SOCAL.. thanks everyone
  9. Interested on the 5 speed as well. Let me know if still available.. I'm from SOCAL. Thanks
  10. Looking for a door seal both L/R in still good useable condition. TIA -Jeff of Long Beach CA
  11. Interested on the carpet.. Let me know if still available..
  12. interested on the sprint muffler if no one falls through. What's the price range you're looking? Please let me know -I'm located in Long Beach. TIA

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