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  1. A bit different from other seats on this thread...
  2. I have a Moto Lita too, different style though:
  3. Hi, I am off to San Francisco next Friday I am there for two weeks and I simply cannot wait. I have never been to the west coast of America and I am pretty sure I am going to have a great time. While I was there I had hoped to hire/rent a car for a bit so I could get out of the city and see something. It might be for a couple of days and we might aim for Yosemite maybe. Obviously as an 02 owner the thought of driving some automatic, modern, air conditioned car doesn't excite me too much and I just thought if any of you guys know of anywhere you might be able to rent something a little more interesting. I don't expect to rent a muscle car or super car of some sort (maybe an Alfa or even an 02 instead) and I know as I am only 21 things are a little more expensive for me anyway no matter what the car is but if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations of any establishments I should check out I would love to know. Also if anyone has any places they think I should visit while I am there or where I should drive to I would love to know. Thanks in advance. Will
  4. I made a quick video at Donington last weekend. Not too much 2002 action but there is a bit more of the two very competitive 1800 Neue Klasse. View it here. It is more a test of my equipment (rendering in Photoshop and my camera) and not my greatest creation but its fun. I used iMovie 08 to edit it which is awful but when I get something better (Final Cut) soon, expect great things.
  5. I am sorry, and I don't mean to be pedantic but this just isn't right. As adults we should really look and think about these photos before we put up and why we put them up. It is just disgraceful; this is not a BMW, it's a Ford Escort. Have some respect.
  6. "First" is the word that makes this so hard. For starters: Lancia Stratos Peugeot 205 T16 Lotus Cortina Alfa Romeo GTA Ferrari 250 SWB I am refraining from doing anymore as I could go on forever.
  7. Is this a Getrag box or a ZF? I know ZF made a dog leg 5, the close ratio ones with a direct top 5 are quite rare, but did Getrag make one too?
  8. How odd is that, the two things that went wrong on my 1602 after the second rebuild was broken throttle cables and a drive shaft bolt!
  9. The seats are in fact Corbeau Alpines with out the head rests. Usually when sold without the head rests you still get the holes in the top for the headrests but if you request and don't mind waiting a bit longer they will make them sans holes. Mine is a real 1602 but with a 2.0ltr in it. I still have the original engine but didn't see the point in spending tome and money rebuilding the 1600 when I wanted a bit more performance over originality. The black and silver plates are technically not legal. The front one is barely visible because of the angle its at and the Cibies take up their fair share of room too. I haven't been pulled though... yet. I want to go again in August/September. Maybe go to the Nurburgring and they 02 show at Lelystad in Holland.
  10. Well, early this week I got back from my trip around France (and a little bit of Italy) in the 1602. I had an absolutely fantastic time and a lot of that was down to my car. I could not think how it could have been better (except the battery going dead on the forecourt of a French petrol station*). Fantastic up and down those alpine roads, annoying people in there modern German and Japanese "sports cars." I think my youthful exuberance and lack of fear helped lose a couple of those 911s. It was even bearable on the motorway. The twin 40s its running were never intended to be comfortable or economical but I got (on average) about 20mpg. I might just have to take another trip on the continent soon as it was so much fun. Some of the photos are of the my car at an old disused, although repainted, pit stop just west of Reims. Just before I went away I installed some new seats to keep me from flying all over the place on those hair-pin bends. They are not rare or old like some of the Scheels I lust over but they are pretty 70s. Also pretty small; anyone with over a 34inch waist might have a little trouble squeezing in though. *Completely my fault; after a poor attempt to start the car one morning I went to fill it up and even though it had ran long enough to get warm it wasn't really long enough to make the alternator light on the dash go out but I still turned it off. If it hadn't happened I would never have had the fun of asking for a bump start in my very best French.
  11. Mine this summer at the pit stop at the old Reims circuit in France.
  12. I have sent a diff housing to Gripper Diffs here in the UK and they should be shortly making LSDs for 2002s. A lot of people rave about them and they are cheap to customise to your needs. Not the cheapest of options to begin with but I didn't want to spend loads on a 2002 or E21 second hand diff only for it to be reconditioned as soon as I bought it. http://www.davemacprops.com/gripper.html
  13. Nice, looks tidy. I go to uni in Cov, I might see it driving around/ you might see me too.
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